We all know Troy Aikman’s Highland Park  house on Highland Drive has been on the market now for nine months, at least. We all know it hasn’t moved. Steve quoted Allie Beth Allman saying she’s had several offers, and you can bet your bippy she took the whole Kardashian/Odom crowd over there to look/see. Maybe they wanted to lease it? Warren Buffet was in town last week checking out his Nebraska Furniture Mart, but a $24 million home is not his style, much as he might want to fill it with his namesake furniture.

With a home that unique and expensive, you’ve got to get it on parade!

How the heck can you sell a house when you can’t put it out for the world to see?

Then there’s Champ d’Or, another celebrity home whose owners were not psyched about opening up the home (save for their private parties) to let John Q. Looky-Loo march up through. Can’t say I blame them. (Can’t say I blame Troy!) We know what happened: the Champ is being auctioned off March 30 in Dallas. And now they are letting the world in! In fact, at Champ last Friday, one agent told Concierge Auction’s marketing director, Laura Brady, to keep her eye on Troy’s house as a possible future auction item.

So I ask you: should celebrities show off their homes more in order to sell them? Fame is a double-edged sword: super stars love all the attention that makes them stars and able to afford $24 million homes, yet when it comes to their home they don’t want the public in: most definitely a conundrum.