Photo by Tony Webster, via Flickr

Photo by Tony Webster, via Flickr

We haven’t been writing about crime much lately for two reasons:

1. The Dallas Police Department continues to withhold the juicy narratives from its incident reports. Emily Toman and Rachel Stone of Advocate Magazines recently did a great job of explaining why this is frustrating to people besides us perennially complaining journalists.

2. Lately, the incident reports from the Park Cities police departments have been little more than identity thefts or purses being snatched from unlocked vehicles.

However, one recent incident report from University Park did catch our eye. A Realtor with a home address in Plano told police that $5,200 worth of her signs were stolen from eight different properties between Jan. 7 and Feb. 8.

First of all, is the going rate for a yard sign these days really $650? Wow.

Secondly, why would this particular Realtor’s signs have been targeted? We reached out to her via email in an attempt to get more details, but she hasn’t responded.

Meanwhile, University Park Officer Lita Snellgrove clarified that the brokerage in question is a family business.

“There could be a family dispute among the owners,” she said. “The victim does not suspect rival Realtors of taking the signs.”

Have any agents reading this ever had their yard signs stolen — by family members, partners, or anyone else? If so, did you bring the cops into it?