The agents at Glazers Realtors have long helped home buyers and sellers in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, but there’s something that really sets them apart: their love for four-legged creatures.

It began with founder and animal lover Steven Glazer, who launched the Dallas-area pet-friendly brokerage in 2001.

Before making Dallas his home, Steven spent a decade as an East Texas rancher caring for all ilks of animals, including Spanish Mustang horses, deer, goats, and pot belly pigs. Typical farm dwellers right? Not quite.

“We also had Nyala, Zebra, Elk, Buffalo, and Emus to name a few,” Glazer says.

Steven was able to combine his love for animals with his profession when broker Myra Schaufele had the idea to incorporate philanthropy into everything that Glazer’s Realty does. She suggested that Glazers agents and brokers donate a percentage of their commission to animal causes.

* * *

Myra’s Story

“The youngest member of our family, a 12-year-old beagle named Lou, injured both his legs requiring double ACL surgery and soon after he developed a heart murmur. He required two major surgeries and a lot of medication which resulted in a large vet bill. Given how much we love our Lou-Lou, we didn’t hesitate to pay for his recovery, and thankfully he recovered well and still has the energy to protect us from the squirrels! But during the recovery, I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was that I could afford to pay his vet bill. I thought about all the families out there who are not able to care for their furry family members. This was the beginning of my journey into animal philanthropy. This is why I and the Glazers Realtors team are committed to helping our four-legged friends by donating a portion of our commission to animal charities nationwide.”

* * *

Agent Valerie Harris loves the commitment the realty team has made to a cause so close to her heart. “We’re not just saying we’re committed to a cause. We’re actually donating a percentage of our commission because this is so important to us,” she says.

With National Spay Day slated Tuesday, Feb. 26, Valerie says it’s a good reminder to spay and neuter your pets. “There are just so many homeless and unwanted animals out there,” she says. “Places like the SPCA make it reasonable to do — I paid $50 at the SPCA downtown for Koko.”

* * *

Valerie’s Story

“Koko was only three weeks when I received her. Actually, she was found at a correctional facility along with her siblings and mother, so my friend asked if I’d take her in. Little Koko didn’t quite know how to eat as she was not yet weaned from her mother at the time. I tried everything to feed her from kitten formula to goat’s milk but she didn’t take to any of the nipples on the bottles and refused the milk. She seemed to be more interested in the tuna-flavored gravy I would pour on my two older cats crunchy food. One day I let her lick the gravy and she loved it. From that point on, she survived on cat lickable treats until she was able to eat kitten dry food and today she’s growing and recovering well from her spay surgery.”