8483629Of course, these living arrangements won’t work if you’ve got restraining orders, but for most divorcees with children, perhaps? I wonder if the former spouses could tolerate the high probability of running into your ex on an almost daily basis that living in a duplex with them would mean.

This house designed by an Edmonton custom builder and his ex wife is, however, the perfect solution for all the shuttling to and fro from one house to the next, thanks to the specially designed “transporter” hallway. The hallway links the childrens’ bedrooms to both homes, allowing for them to stay in their own personal space without merging the living spaces of the divorced couple.


Find out more about their unique home in this Edmonton Journal story, which basically shows us how Monica McGrath and Kent Kirkland are living that Canadian billboard we saw last year. Perhaps Deion Sanders and Pilar should bite the bullet and build a duplex? No?

Do you think you or a friend would be able to live side-by-side with an ex husband or ex wife?