Could your pooch be bathing more luxuriously than you? It’s possible in the latest pet design trend.

Imagine installing your dog’s own shower or designing a custom bed for your cat. It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Dallas interior designer Kim Armstrong says when her clients begin home renovation projects, they’re including pets into their interior design schemes. Here are some of the best pet design trends she’s seeing here in the Dallas-area.


Will-Nadeau MugshotBy Will Nadeau

Another hot Texas summer is fast approaching. Some time ago, I wrote an article about staging your home when you have pets. But, what happens when we are in a stretch of 100-plus-degree weather? A long walk to get your dog out of the house during a showing may not be the best option.

The first thing to keep in mind is hydration. This can be incredibly helpful if you must take your dog for a walk during the time your potential buyers are touring your home. There are several handy devices made for on-the-go water dispensation for your dog, or a simple jug of (refrigerated) water and plastic bowl that you have ready to go in the event of a realtor’s appointment. If you do opt to take your dog for a walk in the summer heat, find a shady spot in your neighborhood and take a seat. Minimal exercise will help to prevent exhaustion in your pup.

Thirsty Dog

Making prior arrangements with a pet-friendly neighbor can also be helpful. If you have a friend nearby who can allow your pets into their home for the short periods of time when your home is on display can be invaluable. I would suggest working out a plan so that you have access to their home and have an extra air-conditioned space to temporarily harbor your pets.

Scout out some local businesses in the area that are air-conditioned and pet friendly. If your showing is last minute, it might be a good time to take a trip to the local pet store for supplies – but if your property is as hot as the Dallas weather, you may end up with an overabundance of pet food, toys, or an entire wardrobe of collars and leashes!

If you have advance notice, you might want to book into a doggie daycare, boarding facility (for your cats), or take the opportunity to schedule a grooming appointment. If you’re unable to get your home ready in time, many pet care services, like the one I work for (Park Cities Pet Sitter) can provide pet taxi services as well as having the pet sitter remove the “evidence” of dog bowls and litter box messes before your realtor arrives with his or her clients.

And of course, stating the obvious, your pets should NEVER be left in a parked car on a hot day. The temperatures inside can skyrocket within a matter of mere minutes, even with the windows open.

Dog Friendly Patio

William R. Nadeau, ABCDT is the Staff Dog Trainer and Operations Assistant with Park Cities Pet Sitter, Inc., the #1 pet care company in Dallas, Texas. Will has worked with dogs and other animals for over four years, both within the pet care industry and in rescue/shelter environments. As a certified dog trainer, he primarily provides in-home private dog training services, focusing on improving the relationship between pets and their owners using a positive reinforcement-based “whole picture” approach. They can be reached at 214-828-0192 or via email,


We had this chat a couple of weeks ago, and most of you said no, don’t do it! Don’t stage your home to sell with live (designer) pets! But Dallas Realtor Kristian Peterson says yes, do it! And in fact, he does. All the time. (Here are his babies, in a condo he is selling.) I will definitely stage my home to sell with live pets when the time comes. Who knows, I may even bring in a Llama or two…