We were in Manhattan for Mother’s Day weekend, and I had the chance to walk both Madison and Fifth Avenues to about 80th Street, then back to our hotel window shopping with an occasional duck inside to shop. NYC was bustling as ever, Broadway was thriving, and Times Square was wall-to-wall. 

But the retail! So many stores were closed or seeking tenants, I had to write my friend real estate expert and appraiser Jonathan Miller, who I unfortunately did not have time to see:

“But the empty retail spaces! Whoa even along Fifth and Madison! I think I saw one or two every block, and we walked from 44th to 80th. What gives” I wrote in an email.

His response:

“It’s funny you mention the retail apocalypse – I am supposedly on “Inside Edition” tonight to speak to this very issue!  Strolled up and down Fifth with a camera crew last week to explain it for 90 minutes in a 3 minute segment. From 49th to 59th, 1 out of 4 stores are empty.”

Here is the segment on Inside Edition. 


At first, it was believed to have been sold for a record $80 million in December, but Vincent Viola’s 20,000 square foot townhome on the Upper East Side appears to be back on the market — and this time the list price is $88 million.

It’s unclear if Viola (who owns the NHL’s Florida Panthers, is CEO of Virtu Financial,  and was briefly President Donald Trump’s nominee for army secretary) and his wife Teresa are still the current owners (although what we could find in property records seems to indicate they probably are). But the home was listed in 2013 for $114 million, making the current list price a relative bargain.

Viola bought the townhome in 2005 for $20 million.

The home sits at 12 E. 69th St., and is currently listed by Paula Del Nunzio of Brown Harris Stevens. Built in 1884, the home was updated by the Violas to include a panic room. (more…)

Photo: Shoot2Sell

All photos courtesy Shelly Lloyd

North Texas native Shelly Lloyd took a circuitous route to her career as an interior designer, discovering along the way that her fashion acumen, passion for art, and globetrotting translated beautifully into creating sophisticated, authentic interiors with unexpected twists.

“What separates us is working with a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary, formal to playful,” Lloyd said. “We’re really good at mixing pieces.”

Shelly Lloyd

Her Dallas company, LeDaire Design, is in for an eventful year, expanding to a satellite office, rebranding in February, and building on an original concept called “Work the Room” that marries her professional expertise with a client’s DIY creativity. Jump to read more!


 Million Dollar Mixer Fredrik Eklund

The swedish wunderkind is coming to town. He’s got style, personality out the wazoo, and he can sell a multi-million dollar apartment in New York City in, well, a New York City minute! Still, Bravo TV’s Fredrik Eklund may be most beloved for his celebratory high-kick. Let’s see how high that kick goes in Cowboy Boots!

On September 12, REMN mortgage broker Brian McCauley is hosting an invitation-only event for Dallas real estate VIP’s at Fedora restaurant, at One Arts Plaza, with celebrity guest Fredrik Eklund from Bravo’s popular series  Million Dollar Listing New York.

If you’re not on the list, you can’t get in…

But I have a pair of tickets to give away!!

In fact, I have 2!

Time is running out, too, kind of like a contract. The deadline is tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m

The Dallas housing boom is hitting record highs, as we know, and single women account for 21% of new buyers compared to single men. Guys only account for 10% of new home sales. That includes 20-somethings, divorcees, never married, and widows. And they say women can’t make up their minds?

Brian McCauley of DallasMortgagenews.com can help buyers navigate between reality and myths as they enter the Dallas housing market. Translated, that means he can help you get a decent mortgage loan in an environment that is becoming a little more murky.

As a great tie-in, McCauley is excited to give four lucky CandysDirt readers four free passes to the exclusive invitation-only September 12 event. That’s Thursday, my darlings, and not open to the public.

To enter, readers just need to post a comment here, say “Brian McCauley I want to meet Fredrick.”  and give us the address of a great house to write up under five hundred thousand ($500,000) dollars. Best listing nabs a ticket to rub shoulders with Fredrik. OK, we are waiting for ya!Fedora event REMNBrian and Josh Flagg, Million Dollar Listing LA…


I’ve been in NYC all week looking at second homes, even staying in a second home. God, what I have learned about space-use, like this expandable kitchen counter.¬†

I have also lost some emails, so please re-send if you have not heard from me!