Mud Room

Guys and gals, it’s going to rain pretty much straight from today to Thursday, so if you haven’t organized your mudroom, it’s time to take a good, long look at this important, versatile space inside your home.

When it rains like this, I am so grateful for my mudroom, which gives me a place for my umbrella to dry out, to shake off my wellies, and to throw my shirt in the dryer between errands. Of course, keeping organized is key — a messy mudroom isn’t a very functional mudroom, is it?

Stainless steel and beadboard are all over my mudroom, which has a separate entrance to my home — a great idea to keep from trampling leaves and mud all over the house. A great mat to wipe your feet is important, too. Here are a few mudrooms on that will make your mouth water, and hopefully send you running for the Container Store!