Pirch's Sourcing Saturday Class was an interactive full-house and full table!

Pirch’s Sourcing Saturday Class was an interactive full-house and full table

Renovating your home presents a million decisions. A bunch of them are in the kitchen. Installing a showpiece kitchen is made more difficult because independent appliance ratings at the upper end are spotty at best. Manufacturers aren’t necessarily hiding anything, but something that sells millions of units will always be reviewed more than something that only sells a few thousand.

It’s also a bit of a shot in the dark selecting appliance features when you’re not sure how they work and so whether you’d actually use them. Enter the smart showroom that offers tasty demonstrations to prospective buyers to give you a hands-on feel for each piece in your new kitchen.

Of course, we all know that you can find just about everything for your luxury kitchen at Capital Distributing’s Stemmons Freeway showroom, but today we’re branching out a bit. In the past few weeks, I have visited Pirch in NorthPark Center, Miele in the Design District, and Sub-Zero Wolf in Oaklawn to see how they educate buyers.



Sure, this CDA oven is cute, but is an oven ensconced in pink leather with a heart-shaped window a little too personal?

Flippers and developers use what’s worked successfully in the past. People who renovate their own homes love looking for new cool things. If you’re like me, using the same item twice is almost lazy. The only pieces I’ve used before in my latest renovation are a Bosch dishwasher (they’re just good) and a Grohe Ladylux kitchen faucet (For the record, no, I don’t feel like a lady – lux or otherwise – when I use it).

There are always new cool things to use and live with. Sometimes we renovators see new things that leave us scratching our heads. Sometimes those scratches turn to “Eureka!” and sometimes to “What the *#%*?”