Novel now, but perhaps the way of the future? Zero mile-sourced produce.

Novel now in the U.S., but perhaps the way of the future? Zero mile-sourced produce. (Photos: courtesy of Urban Cultivator)

It doesn’t get any more local than this: herbs, microgreens, vegetables, fruits, and edible flowers grown right in the kitchen.  

“Edible indoor gardens in cupboards and closets are taking Europe by storm, and we are seeing them in New York, now, too,” said home improvement expert Karl Champley, adding that trends tend to start in Europe, then hit the U.S. coasts and move inward, so we can expect it will soon be a local norm.

The Australian-born Master Builder is in a position to know. As a property developer, residential building consultant, and host of HGTV’s home improvement shows DIY to the Rescue and Wasted Spaces, he closely follows global home design. He shared insights on home building trends as a panelist at the Masonite DFW Trend Council talk Candy Evans moderated in the Dallas Design District recently.

Champley credits the current popularity of gardening in general to increasing consumer desires to spend more time at home, entertain in outdoor living spaces, and eat healthy, organic foods. What started with planting herbs in an outdoor kitchen area so a homeowner could reach out and grab a handful to add to grilled food on the spot is now gravitating indoors.

But how? Few of us have enough natural light inside our houses, not to mention the time to care for plants indoors. Here’s a short list of products that can make it feasible…