Real Estate Story

Glenna and Justin Lafitte with their miniature pinscher, Pee Wee. The pair found the perfect home for their pet-loving household completely by chance. (Photo: Joanna England)

If Greenville Avenue hadn’t been closed on the way back from the White Rock dog park, Glenna and Justin Lafitte may never have bought their new home inside Merion at Midtown Park.

It was a day like any other — the couple took their miniature pinscher to the ever-popular dog park near the Mockingbird Lane bridge that traverses the narrow side of White Rock Lake’s northeast shores. They were cutting across east Dallas to their unit at the Paradiso in North Dallas, just off North Central Expressway when they had to reroute — Greenville Avenue was closed heading north. So they made their way up to Walnut Hill.

It was just luck that the two had been looking for a single-family home in the area. It had been a less-than-stellar search thus far — everything that they wanted in the neighborhood was older than they preferred or on the pricey side. “We looked at a community by PSW and it was in the $750s,” he said, “way outside our price range.”

So it really was just a happy accident that they found Hines’ brand new development.