Any guesses as to date of this paean to Frank Lloyd Wright? 1900? 1945? Actually this well-placed, faithful tribute to the master at 5404 Collinwood Avenue was built in 1986. The low slung, prairie-style house with its strongly emphasized, stepped horizontals just looks so right on the lot, reminding us that the point of this design idiom was, in large part, an effort to meld dwellings with nature. And this style, now over 100 years old, still has the ability to look fresh and perfectly suitable for a Southwest city. (more…)

Searching for a story idea, I ponder, “What’s available and charming for $250,000?” Answer. Grim. Very little.

Any Realtor will confirm that inventory is stubbornly scarce in that price range. For just a bit more there is Fairmount. But we’ve gone a bit heavy on Fairmount of late. How about an area we haven’t covered lately. Mature trees would be nice. Would good modern design with less-than-celestial pricing be out of the question? I comb listing after listing. Next page. Scroll, scroll. Finally and happily I land at 4325 Hyatt Court in Ridglea Hills.


701 Havenwood Lane South
Die hard ’07 zip coders may recoil at the idea of the east side, but the quaint and quiet community of Woodhaven with its treelined streets and pretty houses certainly merits a look. And just look what $324,500.00 will buy you! Located near the country club, 700 Havenwood Lane South offers 3 bedrooms and 2 updated baths and more than 3300 square feet of haute modern living space.



3636 Manderly Place

An impressive portfolio of remarkable and varied architectural projects in this, the fifth annual Fort Worth AIA Homes Tour, enriches and builds on past successes, furnishing unique insight into the creative design mind. This weekend’s tour features two houses of new construction, as well as three with additions or remodels of existing structures. Two are AIA prize winners, and three were architect-designed for their personal residences. The common thread, if there is one, is a particular Texas vernacular. Modern, yes, but made human by the use of native, natural materials. (more…)