A freak hail storm a few years ago completely wrecked the tile roofs of the historic Swiss Avenue neighborhood. (Photo: Amy Curry)

A freak hail storm a few years ago completely wrecked the tile roofs of the historic Swiss Avenue neighborhood. (Photo: Amy Curry)

By Phil Crone
Special Contributor

Make no mistake, storm season in North Texas can be a scary experience, even for lifelong residents. Especially this time of year, we are no strangers to hearing the eerie wail of tornado sirens or posting photos of hail that confirm to the rest of the nation that everything is bigger in Texas.

For storm victims, the scariest thing next to the storm itself is cleaning up and getting their lives back on track. These fears are well founded. Smashed cars, personal belongings scattered about by Mother Nature, and leaky roofs from every subsequent rain create a feeling of vulnerability one can only imagine unless they’ve been through it themselves. Vulnerable people are the prey of the lowest of segments of our society and, in the contracting world, we call those storm chasers.



I know the colors are pretty, but according to meteorologist Steve McCauley, this radar map makes for ugly weather.

UPDATE: Things just got real. The Weather Channel is in Dallas, according to Robert Wilonsky.

WFAA meteorologist Steve McCauley is saying that according to his readings, tomorrow evening’s weather could very well spawn a few tornadoes.

“Obviously, it is impossible to predict where a tornado will touch down this far in advance,” McCauley said in his Facebook post, “but it is likely that our first TORNADO WATCH will be posted for much of north Texas tomorrow afternoon and evening.

We’ve talked about tornado coverage before, and about how to make sure your homeowners insurance policy is up to date, but considering our recent spate of earthquakes, hail storms, and high winds, perhaps it’s time to revisit your coverage again? And have you given a second thought to installing a storm shelter?

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Word comes from practically frazzled meteorologists throughout North Texas: Prepare for a freeze tomorrow night!

If you are worried about whether you’re ready for a hard freeze, just remember the three “P”s:

– Make sure your pipes are properly insulated.

– Bring in all perennial plants that are not winter or freeze hardy.

– Make sure your pets have a cozy place indoors and out of the weather.

As we get further into winter, you might want to consider having someone check your insulation and furnace, as well as make sure your windows and doors are properly stripped and sealed.

What are you doing to make sure you’re ready for winter?