From left: Rena Pederson, Brent Brown, DPD Chief David Brown, Veletta Forsythe Lill, Ramon Miguez, and Michael Tregoning

I had a chance to attend the New Cities Summit this morning, and I am glad I managed to catch the “Dallas: A Case Study in Re-imagination and Transformation” panel discussion.

Of course, I expected a lot of talk about how far Dallas has come, and I got it. Moderator Rena Pederson, who was chief of the editorial department when the paper started it’s forward-thinking “The New Dallas” series, said Big D has a “try, try again” mentality, and I definitely agree. In fact, that’s the consensus I heard from the non-Dallas contingent I spoke to this morning. I asked them what they thought of our city and how it compares to their mental image of Dallas, and they said that we are definitely trying very hard.

But are we sacrificing too much in the process? And where are we falling behind? These are the questions I wish we had been able to ask.