Dallas Real Estate Remodeling

Bella Custom Homes Can Help With Post-Storm Remodel Projects

By Shelby Skrhak / March 17, 2020 / 0 Comments

Drive the Preston Hollow neighborhoods hardest hit by last year’s tornadoes and you’ll still see blue tarps dotting these Dallas roofs. Those blue tarps might as well be symbols for the renovation headaches that homeowners face when getting their rebuild project started. We reached out to one of our CandysDirt Best Builders, Tony Visconti of […]

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Restoring the Patio: From Glass Back to Fresh Air Was More Restoration than Renovation

By Jon Anderson / July 3, 2015 / 5 Comments

In every other part of my home, there was zero I wanted to restore. Gut? Heck yeah! But not restore. It was closed off, boxy and an inefficient use of space. In addition, the original 1966 finish materials were, well … 1966 finish materials. Flocked and metallic wallpaper, crumbling cabinetry, age-stained tile, and crow’s foot […]

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