Every stylish lady needs a refreshing makeover from time to time. Grand historic homes are no exception. When the Swiss Avenue Historic District kicks off its weekend-long 46th Annual Mother’s Day Home Tour, 5007 Swiss Avenue will be unveiling an elegant new look.

Since sharing the vision for historic home preservation is part of the Swiss Avenue Historic District’s mission, it featured the home in last year’s tour to showcase planning and craftsmanship in-progress. This year, tour-goers will get an up-close-and-personal look at the exquisite results.

The sprawling Italianate-style home was built at the top of Swiss Avenue in 1921 for Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Porter Mason. Mr. Mason owned Mason Engineering Company, and his wife was a Dallas arts benefactress who sponsored tours for famous musicians like Ignacio Paderewski, Jascha Heifetz, Van Clyburn, and Sergei Rachmananoff. Legend has it that Rachmananoff once performed in the home’s music room.

In 1983, another set of owners had the house physical moved from the original site at the corner of Swiss Avenue and Oram to its present address. Since 2011, homeowners Brian Shultz and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Odstrcil, have been making their own history in the home.

The couple initially married while on vacation in Istanbul – one of their favorite places in the world. They later hosted an alfresco Turkish-themed wedding at the house for a few hundred family members, friends, and new Swiss Avenue neighbors.

“Since our families did not join us in Turkey, we surprised them by getting legally married here with a dear friend of mine [who’s a] minister officiating,” Shultz said. “Our families were thrilled, [and] It was an awesome event.”



The English garden at 6005 Swiss is the stuff dreams are made of.

The English garden at 6005 Swiss is the stuff dreams are made of, but it’s not the only stunning home you’ll find in the Swiss Avenue Historic District.

It all began when successful real estate developer Robert S. Munger had a unique and forward-thinking vision. He came up with the idea of planning and building an upscale residential community near downtown Dallas. This first deed-restricted neighborhood in Texas included the exclusive and elegant parade of stately, beautifully grand homes along Swiss Avenue.



As we’ve been telling you, May is Preservation Month. And while there have been just skads of events on the calendar, the one you absolutely should not miss is the May 21 Preservation Dallas Architectural Tour featuring some of the literal “best of” Preservation Achievement Award winners.

This year, I was afforded the opportunity to play a small role in putting together this tour, which will include some of the incredible success stories in Dallas historic preservation. Tour stops include the Parks Estate (pictured above), the Relief and Annuity Building (511 N. Akard), 203 N. Willomet, Parkland Hospital and Nurses Quarters, and Continental Lofts.

For the tour, I was asked to write the verbiage describing each stop (now you know where to send your complaints). It was a treat for me, as I got an advance, personal tour of each featured stop. I got a chance to have the nooks and crannies, the character and details, all pointed out to me by the people who know these buildings best.

Of course, I have my favorites, and I have to say that the Parks Estate is one of those stories that will make you beam with preservationist pride. I could not be more grateful to the homeowner, Mark Rogers, for opening his home to me and to all of you lucky folks who bought tickets to the tour. Wait … you don’t have a ticket yet? You’ll want to get on that now.

Jump with me to find out more about this cool home that you can see in person on Saturday.


10-nonesuch-rd-dallas-tx-1-High-Res-1I may have forgotten to tell you that 10 Nonesuch Road, the stunningly significant Dallas Landmark and Lakewood mansion that once belonged to the late Stanley Marcus, in fact, was designed and built by Stanley Marcus, has left the Hip Pocket world and entered the world of the MLS. Dave Perry Miller agent Nancy Johnson is the listing agent.

And, in time for the holidays, it has take a bit of a price chopper chop to nudge it along to its next owner. The home had come on the market at $4,990,000, which I still think was pretty darn fair for the vast amount of land and superbly updated amenities.

Now 10 Nonesuch is listed for $4, 490,000. That’s for 9558 square feet, and one of Dallas’ first examples of modern architecture. If the walls could talk: this estate was host to many of the world’s rich and famous from President Lyndon Johnson to Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor. The home sits on a secluded three acres plus 1 acre of surrounding creek, and includes main house, guesthouse, pool & lush grounds.

I wonder if the walls know the truth about the Kennedy assassination?

We have written about it before, and we hope to write about it again, soon, when we tell you who the new owner is.

Will MLS help this magnificent property get sold? What do you think of the price reduction? Come on folks, this is one of the most significant homes in Dallas… in North Texas. Should it be staged next? How so? We vote for Blu Sky Living. Who do you vote for? Inquiring real estate minds want to know…

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10 Nonesuch, a famous neighbor

10 Nonesuch, a famous neighbor

P.S.  We may re-post the original for your Thanksgiving viewing pleasure!