This is the column that started what would become 99 columns in 2015 (some you’ve not seen yet) for CandysDirt.com.  I’ve been frequently asked how I got started.  It’s simple … revenge!  After attending a particularly egregious HOA meeting, I penned a screed to Candy detailing the insanity of the building I lived in.  Of course she jumped at the chance to “out” some craziness.  By morning, I’d had a rethink about shooting myself in the foot (as you do) and said, perhaps there’s more to me than a one-hit-wonder.  She agreed to give me a shot.

For this first column, I was especially touched by Fabian Hernandez’ comment, “it’s like an accessory you didn’t even know was missing.”

Enjoy.  And here’s to another 99 in 2016!




Jon Anderson