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James Lee of the Counselors of Real Estate presented on the top 10 issues affecting real estate at the National Association of Real Estate Editors 2016 convention on June 8.

I had the chance to pick the brain of James Lee, 2016 chair of the Counselors of Real Estate, after he presented the Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate at the National Association of Real Estate Editors Spring Conference in hot-and-muggy New Orleans. While the full list (available after the jump) was far-reaching in scope, we wanted a closer look at issues affecting our region.

I had some questions for Lee about a few very specific issues and new realities that Dallas and North Texas is facing, highlighted by his list of issues. While densification and urbanization was No. 4 on the list, it’s either close to or at the top of the growing list of hurdles our region is attempting to surmount.

One of Dallas’ long-term goals is creating effective urban infill and adapting the existing landscape to the needs of today’s resident, but it seems that our suburbs got the message long before we did, and have worked with developers to build the kinds of town centers and live/work/play mixed-use developments that attract corporations that bring jobs and long-term stability.

Is it too late for Dallas to adapt? Can we really turn unused and stagnant existing structures into a vibrant, dense city?


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We’re reporting from the National Association of Real Estate Editors Houston Conference today and it has been an incredible morning just stewing with new information. The opening remarks were especially mind-boggling, as Counselors of Real Estate chair Hugh F. Kelly listed the top 10 issues facing real estate now and into the future.

“The list reflects growing economic and political turmoil, changing demographics, and the lifestyle choices of an emerging generation, rising energy independence in the United States, and a strengthening job market fueled in part by massive changes in the delivery of health care,” Kelly said.

For the full list, jump.