Lakewood Hills Tudor

East Dallas is a mecca for those who love vintage homes. Our Friday Five Hundred is a charming Lakewood Hills Tudor at 6910 Casa Loma Ave. Built in 1925, it has  all of the essential ingredients. From the characteristics that define Tudors, to the modern updates that today’s buyers need, this 2,044-square-foot home has it all.



Photos: Shoot2Sell/Thomas Byers

Editor’s Note: This is Part Two of our five-part series breaking down our free team staging of 307 N. Waverly. Read Part One and here.

Would you rather spend about $250 having a professional stager give you advice on how to prepare your home for sale or take a $10,000 (or more) price reduction? Seems like a huge no-brainer doesn’t it? Yet it happens constantly. So what is the problem?

It’s the lack of understanding about what staging is and what staging does.

Staging encompasses many service options, and the most overlooked — a consultation — is the most affordable. Armed with the information provided by a stager, any seller can put in a little elbow grease, borrow some items, and create a profound impact on the look of their home. They will also, most importantly, improve marketability and make more money.

That is the big takeaway from our team staging of 307 N. Waverly. The first price reduction on this home was $10,000. Professionally staging it was less than $2,500, or approximately 1 percent of the original list price. If the sellers had consulted with a stager, they could have done it for much less.


vacant listing

Yes, you can get an eclectic look in rental furniture!

By Karen Eubank

Your seller has given you the thumbs-up and you’re going to stage that vacant listing. Congratulations! So how do you go about it? My advice is to always call a stager, of course! Most stagers have an accessory inventory — you know, the pretty stuff such as flowers, bedding, and cute items for the bath and kitchen. A few staging companies in town actually carry inventory, but many stagers are opting out of that business model. CORT Furniture Rental is a go-to resource for most Dallas stagers.

Can you bypass the stager and call a rental company directly? You bet, but remember, you’ll be providing all the nice accessories and you’ll be the one directing placement of furniture and steaming the duvet!

Jump for the inside skinny on all you need to know about renting furniture for your vacant property from CORT representative Kathy LaMarr.