Spoken ForIn my neck of the woods, it seems like just a few days, if not hours, after a sign goes up in front of a home, a “Contract Pending” topper is added.

With so many contracts getting signed in Dallas’ incredibly brisk real estate market, it’s no wonder that agents are getting creative with their signs.

A loyal CandysDirt.com reader sent us the photo above and we thought it was a hoot! We gave Terri Patrick Cox a buzz to find out more about the “Spoken For” topper, but we’re waiting to hear back.

Have you seen some interesting signs lately?

UPDATE: Just heard back from Terri Cox and she shared that this little sign topper has created a lot of buzz!

After a ton of offers came in on this property, Cox had a stroke of genius.

“I was standing there with buyer in the door frame this home— 6214 Park Lane,” Cox said. “This was a very high-interest property, and someone was driving by really slowly outside the property and I thought ‘I need to tell them that this property is spoken for!’ ”

Very clever, if you ask me! She currently has this sign topper up at two properties, including 6126 Morningside, too.

“This was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing,” Cox added. “People have called me about it, and strangers have called me about it, asking, ‘What does spoken for mean?’ It’s just a great way to keep it fun and light.”