Deep in the heart of East Dallas is a renovated house with an open floorplan and super cute style. Located at 2031 Housley Dr. in Casa View Heights, it offers loads of charms, mature trees, great curb appeal, and real hardwoods for well under $300,000. This one is sure to go fast! 

Our Tuesday Two Hundred has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, one half bath, two living areas, and 1,428 square feet on one story, built in 1953, near Jupiter and Garland roads. Let’s take a look! 



2501 South Blvd.: One of the great homes available in this historic area

Ever wish you’d bought on Swiss Avenue in the 1970s and 1980s, long before you needed nearly a million smackers to buy a mansion?  Well, step right up …

If Part One was a bit of a Cliff Notes version of the South Blvd and Park Row historic neighborhood, then this column gets you into the game.  While purchasing one of the current listings can’t be considered the “ground floor” of this burgeoning area, there’s still plenty of sweat to be turned into equity. For those truly seeking the ground floor, keep your eyes peeled one of the area’s derelict properties to hit the market.