The Lee Trevino estate that we’ve written so much about in the past will soon be history, as the new owners are bulldozing it to start anew and have brought in Highland Park Market Fine Estate Sales and Pre-Demolition Sales for a series of pre-demo sales. The first pre-demo sale took place a few weeks ago and the next round continues this weekend from 10 a.m. Saturday through 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12.

For years we’ve been telling you about golfing legend Lee Trevino’s super-secret $13 million home in Preston Hollow. Back in October 2014, Candy was practically falling out of her seat to tell readers who owned the magnificent listing that’d just gone up by Briggs Freeman International Sotheby’s, but Lee Trevino, and his wife Claudia, were absolutely set on keeping their anonymity during the sale. Once the Wall Street Journal spilled the beans though, Candy and Karen Eubank wrote in glorious detail the many wonders of that Park Lane home, including this room-by-room account of the home’s outstanding architecture and decor.

The home, which has been on and off the market for years, finally sold in May 2019.  Highland Park Market began selling off the hundreds of fixtures, appliances, and salvageable elements of the home before it’ll be razed. You won’t find any golf memorabilia, but rather high-quality appliances, doors, windows, garden, and interiors that you can pick up for an absolute steal.

We’ve selected a few of our favorites and most unique pieces here. Unfortunately, we don’t have prices for most of these items and you have to attend the sale in person to purchase, but that’s all part of the treasure hunt. (more…)



Hudson Valley


Everything is bigger, and definitely more glamorous, in Texas. This iconic Dallas contemporary is proof of that. In fact, it puts the “star” in Lone Star State because, in the 1980s, scenes of RoboCop were filmed here. Since then, its stardom has continued by appearing in a myriad of other TV shows, books, and magazines. Gazing at its pristine white exteriors, clean lines, and bright spaces, it’s easy to see why so many people have been drawn to it and surely will continue to be now that is on the market.