Boy Scout Hill

As PV14 Nears Completion, Thoughts Turn To Preserving Views of White Rock Lake

By Joanna England / May 20, 2014 / 5 Comments

If there’s one thing that the discussion regarding the proposed restaurant at Boy Scout Hill has done it is galvanize a movement to preserve White Rock Lake. I suppose, depending on your viewpoint, this could be both positive and negative, as preservation often means ex-nay on any kind of development (or even re-development, for that […]

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BREAKING: Burgin and Kopf Have Abandoned Plans For Restaurant on Boy Scout Hill

By Joanna England / April 24, 2014 / 0 Comments

From Sarah Dodd of Dodd Communications, the PR firm hired this week by Burgin and Kopf: Developers Lyle Burgin and Rick Kopf have decided to suspend their efforts to build a restaurant on Boy Scout Hill at White Rock Lake. “We both firmly believe that the concept would be an excellent amenity for all of the […]

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After Being Shouted Down From The Pews, Burgin and Kopf’s Plan For a Restaurant at Boy Scout Hill Won’t Receive CM Sheffie Kadane’s Support

By Joanna England / April 23, 2014 / 5 Comments

When I arrived at the Boy Scout Hill town hall meeting, there was a line forming out the door from a table handing out green lapel ribbons and thumbs up/down signs for attendees. According to a volunteer named Susan at the table, the ribbons showed support for an unsullied Boy Scout Hill, while the signs […]

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Tonight’s Town Hall Frames Fight Over Future of Boy Scout Hill

By Joanna England / April 22, 2014 / 0 Comments

As it turns out, I drove by Boy Scout Hill almost every single day and I didn’t even know it. Hailed as “virgin Blackland Prairie” and as a habitat for wildlife surrounding White Rock Lake, this hill is at the southwest corner of Mockingbird and Buckner Boulevard, just before the overpass to Old Lake Highlands […]

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