Before you take that shot of the master bath, put the toilet lid down!

Apparently, leaving the toilet seat up when photographing a home’s bathroom is enough to get some Realtors’ dander up.

And don’t dare leave cars parked in front of your listing when taking a photo. Or leave the television on. That’s another big one.

Personally? I can’t stand to see smudged and dirty mirrors.

So, tell me, what’s your biggest no-no when it comes to a property listing?

As I said out of the blue on NonStop Nightly the other night, there are some homes you just want to hug! This, my dear readers, is one of them. Cute with a capital C, it’s a light, bright cottage in Greenway Crest at 5407 Glenwick Lane. It’s a cozy one: 1540 square feet — just occured to me you can vacuum this home faster than you can order take-out! It has two bathrooms, a two car garage, a large master bath with a built-in vanity and a build in flat screen TV. I LOVE bathroom TV’s — have you seen those that are embedded right in the mirror? It is wonderful to watch TV from your bathtub, a rare luxury you will have in this angel home. The yard is landscaped, boasts a deck, large trees, peace and quiet. The home is so freshly painted it smells new and clean. Still, it says “move in here, I am updated but loaded with ’50s charm” —  the home was built in 1954! Priced at $389,000, listed with Lisa and Bonnie Besserer at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s, I am saving you some money today off the usual $400K.  More proof of how many wonderful, affordable homes there are in Dallas right under our noses…