If you’re not in the mood or money for a full-bore kitchen or bathroom remodel, tackling the floors and ceilings can add some wow. Starting at the top, you’d be surprised how crown moulding can really date a home. It seems odd that something thought to be generally unchanging has its own fashionable-to-unfashionable cycle. Given the mitered corners and piecing together of long spans, this may be a job to turn over to pros. The full collars and cuffs treatment can be had by tackling the baseboards at the same time.

Starting at the ceiling, one company who specializes in mouldings, medallions, and domes is Orac Décor. They also offer columns, corbels, pediments and pilasters, but I’m too much of a modernist for those. Often people think that modern equates to a lack of adornment and that’s true. But it’s not Louis XIV or plain bare walls. There are subtleties.