6924 Azalea Front Hillcrest

Homes hold so much more than rooms full of furniture. They carry with them the memories of all the families who spent days, both good and bad, sheltered inside. That’s what makes it difficult for Jon Leatherberry to sell his lovely home in Hillcrest Forest, just east of Hillcrest and north of Northwest Highway. It’s a wonderful, sprawling ranch that has been remodeled to be well-scaled for family life.


Beach entry pool with rock waterfall slide, CA

Terraced pools set in the hillside and a slide, Las Vegas

Well well. Seems I wrote about Richard Malouf’s backyard water-park under construction last week, and this week we see another real estate and house porn outpost has picked up the idea. Curbed.com probably read us, then marched out to sniff out other gargantuan, at-home water parks. Lookie what they found!

There are five luxurious mansions across the USA with over-the-top, private waterparks in their back yards, one in Cali, three in Florida and one in Las Vegas. And of course, once the Malouf’s complete their backyard water park over there on Strait Lane, across from Phil Romano’s and down the street from Ross Perot, Dallas can boast that we, too, have one! Looks like ours will be better than these waterparks, with pools ranging about 102 feet in length, slides and lounge-chair wading pools. I don’t see any with a Lazy River, do you? Nope, Malouf’s trumps them all! Look at that Lazy River behind the Private Sports Complex and keep in mind it covers almost an acre. Everything is bigger in Texas, even our private backyard water parks! I can hardly wait ’till this project is finished! Betcha $100 next season’s Dallas will find a way to film here…

102 foot long pool, Fort Lauderdale

Waterslide from master bedroom to pool, Boca Grande, Fla.

Here are the plans for Malouf’s Waterworld on Strait Lane: