Rachel Norris (top) and Katy Tomaszczuk check out the views from the rooftop of their listing at 4140 Newton.

As we all know, the average U.S. Realtor is in their late 50s, or maybe even early 60s by now.

Of course, 60 is the new 50.

But lately, I have seen a proliferation of young, energetic agents dazzling the Dallas scene who are mighty bright and mighty fine. Some are native Texans — Dallasites, even — while some are coming to us from other states with fresh new ideas. Each is creating their own brand and then popping it out of the ballpark and beyond when it comes to marketing and sales.

Great example: Rachel Norris and Katy Tomaszczuk over at Allie Beth Allman & Associates. They met at Allie Beth Allman. Other agents literally told them, you are both so hard working and ambitious, you two are a natural fit! The two have really made their mark in Midway Hollow, too. We grabbed them for a quick chat while sitting on the roof of their latest listing, 4140 Newton Ave, No. 3. (more…)

Virginia Cook Realtor Kelly Jordan was named the 2017 Hearts at Work award recipient.

From Staff Reports

Kelly Jordan of Virginia Cook Realtors was named the 2017 Hearts at Work award recipient during a company celebration luncheon September 22 at the Park Cities Club. The award was established to honor significant volunteer service to our communities by the company’s sales associates.

“Volunteer service enriches communities where we live and work and has been integral to the culture of our company since we opened 18 years ago,” said President Sheila Rice as she presented the award. “The Hearts at Work program allows us to formally recognize associates like Kelly who bring a passionate commitment to enriching the lives of individuals, families and neighborhoods.” 



Kristi Davis has managed the Irving/Las Colinas/Coppell office of Ebby Halliday Realtors for the past six years, and now, with her motivation and leadership skills, she’s taking the helm of the Flower Mound/Lewisville office, too.

“Kristi brings extensive sales and management experience, as well as a strong desire to assist our Flower Mound/Lewisville agents in taking their careers to the next level,” said president and CEO Mary Frances Burleson. “The recipient of the 2015 Easterwood Cup Broker/Manager of the Year Award presented by the MetroTex Association of Realtors, Kristi offers a long history of distinguished service to our industry and community.”

Davis is familiar with the area as a Dallas-Fort Worth native and University of North Texas graduate. Her 14-year career in real estate has led her through many realms as both a top-producing agent and now as a manager covering a substantial territory.


I love just about every one of the videos posted on MyAgentStory.com, but I think the one called “House Cat” featuring Linda Olsen is a lesson for all pet owners who are selling their home. This agents story has a twist, and you’ll have to watch it to the end to find out!

I bet Dallas Realtors have a ton of great agent stories. If you’ve got a great tale of adventure in real estate, shoot us a line at jo@candysdirt.com!

I love just about every one of the videos posted on MyAgentStory.com, but I think the one called “House Cat” featuring Linda Olsen is a lesson for all pet owners who are selling their home. This agents story has a twist, and you’ll have to watch it to the end to find out!

I bet Dallas Realtors have a ton of great agent stories. If you’ve got a great tale of adventure in real estate, shoot us a line at jo@candysdirt.com!

I about died when I saw this Realtor ad on AOL Real Estate — of course it’s from a Canadian firm. The Canuks can just get away with more than we can when it comes to billboard advertising.

Or can they?

So I started thinking back to local ads I’ve seen from our Dallas agents. Who do you think has the best ad of them all? The craziest? My vote goes to Clay Stapp for his orange condoms strapped to a card — see for yourself!

So why do agents advertise themselves so dang much and what does it get them?

I am being interviewed by a guy named Mark Ellwood who is writing a book called BARGAIN FEVER:Why We’re Obsessed with Getting More for Less. The book will be published by Penguin-Portfolio, due out in April of 2013. Mark says that we Americans are OBSESSED with bargains. We are talking about the real estate connection, of course, and the lengths people will go to to get their homes sold. Mark says that 10 years ago, retailers sold just 15-20% of their inventory at some kind of promo price – today, that number is 40-45%. Put simply, sales of sales have more than doubled in a decade.

And don’t think real estate is exempt!

In another post, I’ll delve into this. But while I was answering some questions for Mark, I mused on how much trouble and cost Realtors go to to create a brand for themselves. They spend THOUSANDS. (He was amazed.) Are these costs passed onto the consumer? You betcha! Look at any vanity ad in a glossy magazine and know that the agent spent at least $3,000 to $5,000 for his or her hair, make-up, wardrobe, consultant fees, skin care, microderm, Botox, photographer, all this before they even swipe the credit card for their ad! I firmly believe this is what got Eleanor Mowery Sheets in trouble, among other things.

Mark asked me what agents spend their money on  — how much time do you have, I responded? Branding, ads, marketing their clients’ properties and it does not come cheap. Most agents tell me they advertise clients’ homes in print for the sheer sake of their clients, to appease them. They KNOW it does no good, they KNOW everyone is on line looking for real estate, but they still fall in line like good sheep and continue to waste more paper.

As for the vanity ads, I get it, branding. But how important will branding be when everyone in America is looking for a bargain — when buying real estate on sale is the norm?

America, says Mark, has transformed into a country where everyone has caught bargain fever.

Discounts happen more frequently and with deeper price slashing than even a decade ago: where once sales were used to juice traffic on certain days, Groupon and its ilk have made sales a daily concept. Discounts are no longer the exception, they’re the norm. It isn’t just blue‐collars who are budget‐watchers any more ‐ white collar execs from managers to CEOs are now deal chasing, too. In less than four years, the number of people who only buy clothes when they’re on sale has gone up from 16% to 23%, almost a quarter of the population. And among those earning $150,000 or more it’s accelerated even more ‐ from 10% to 20% (Salmon Research).

Does anyone really think it’s smart to pay full price any more? No, and you know it: the richer the client, the harder they will drive the housing bargain!

So I ask you, if this trickles down to real estate, which it will, why are agents spending thousands on vanity ads, hair and make-up other than the fact that — it’s oh so much fun?

Inman’s Agent ReBoot is coming to Dallas AGAIN this month, Wednesday, February 29, all day long at the Renaissance Richardson. Soon you’ll have a cute ad over there on the side to click on so you can sign up. It’s all of $49.  

What, you may ask, is Agent ReBoot and why should you be there?

ReBoot is a mini Inman Real Estate Connect for brokers, agents, investors, anyone real-estate obsessed or interested in the latest real estate technology news. In one day, you’ll hear experts from across the country show you how to use technology more effectively to “reboot” your business, retool yourself with the latest real estate hotties to get properties sold.

Inman News is a major on-line real estate news, information, advice, research, opinion and commentary, always reported with a tech overtone. Geared for industry professionals and real estate consumers, it’s the place where you learn what’s going on in real estate before anyone else does.  I attended my first Inman Connect in San Francisco, by accident, about four summers ago and thought I had entered, if not another world, a part of California where English was not the primary language. I heard about this thing called Twitter and Blue Skies and The Cloud when the concepts were so new, so foreign, I thought perhaps this was Cali tongue after too many drugs. My meeting is what inspired me to start DallasDirt over at D Magazine. I met a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk who I had a drink with and still email. I soon learned that Inman was a place that didn’t focus on what real estate is doing NOW (and wring hands, bitch and moan about it), it focused on tomorrow and how technology was shaping the future, how that tech could be used to re-tool agents, to survive. You know who’s a scary guy? Craig Newman, founder of Craig’s List. He’s scary to agents because his site lists homes for sale without agents. Craig spoke at my first Connect and was grilled by the agents. I saw Spencer Rascoff, co-founder or some executive of Zillow (because we just love Zillow’s Zestimates, especially here in Texas NOT!) getting not just grilled but skewered by agents and national experts. Three years ago Inman brought Bob Shiller of the famously gloomy Case Shiller report to NYC Connect to a packed audience of agents so terrified of the cratering market every pharmacy near the Times Square Marriott had a run on anti-depressants.

Now here’s a shocker: some Dallas agents are still having trouble turning on a computer. I love the agents who call what I do “blobbing.” (Hell, call it whatever your heart desires!) They want to FaceBook, not sure how. Video? Oh my. Only .8% of agents across the country use video in their listings even though it helps promote your listings and sell homes. Write a blog? I actually disagree with the Inman experts on this one: with more than 150,000 blogs out there in North Texas, I actually think this can be a huge waste of Realtor’s time. In fact, I syndicate my content to Realtors ALL THE TIME. All a blog does is help with your SEO 

My what? SEO? No, it is not a venereal disease!

I told you, you need this course! Especially if you are getting tired of spending big bucks on print advertising. In fact, the sub-head for this event may well be: How To Save Your (Thousands) of Dollars on Print and Start Using Internet Tools to Market your listings.

And when you go talk to a homeowner about what you will do differently to market that home, what will set you apart from your competition, just rattle off some of the tricks you’ll pick up at ReBoot and watch them sign on the dotted!

Anyone have a luxurious, furnished condo to lease? If so, contact Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s agent stat. Or brother Rob Kardashian — he’s moving here, too. Pretty soon, we’ll have all of the Kardashians in Big D. I know agents who are dusting off listings with power vacs. The NY Daily News reports that Rob Kardashian, Khloe’s younger brother and recent “Dancing With the Stars” finalist, will be joining the couple in Texas, this news from the mouth of the newly minted Maverick Texan.

“We’ll have the whole family here!” Odom, 32, told Us Weekly at the NBA team’s press day. That’s not all: Khloe’s close friend, Malika Haqq and her 24-year-old brother Khadijah, will also be accompanying the pair to film new episodes of “Khloe & Lamar.”

Brother & sister & hubby, I have the perfect pad, though it’s pricey and probably NOT for lease: Kari and Kirby Schlegels’ W Penthouse. Mighty close to Victory, too, though, from what I’m hearing, Khloe and Lamar really want to be at The Azure…