Over lunch last week, I discussed my recent post on the premium price of housing stock in Fairmount with Karly Johnston — yes, that Karly Johnston, named by Fort Worth Magazine as one of Fort Worth’s most beautiful women, creator of one of the most followed lifestyle/real estate websites in the city, Selling the Fort, and savvy real estate professional.

“Fairmount has priced itself pretty much out of the starter home category,” I said. “What’s the next coming thing?” I asked.

“I’ve lately been farming Hemphill Heights,” she chirped.


“Realtor speak for exploring, investigating, developing,” she explained.


Near South Side

The Near South Side revival is not only being fueled by a hefty half billion dollar commitment of city funds alone, though that isn’t hurting. There is a dynamic energy here that is youthful and passionate. It is evident in the variety of mod and imaginative eateries and bars on once dodgy Magnolia Avenue, and in the apparently insatiable appetite for renovating and rehabbing in Fairmount. This intact, inner city, hood remained single family zoned when other municipalities were panicking and sanctioning the construction of poor quality, multi family housing, to bolster tax revenues.

Into this heady environment, enter the truly dynamic duo of Jamey Ice and Jimmy Williams. Friends since Paschal High School days, they are pure Fort Worth though they couldn’t be more different. Jamey is lead man for the rock band, Green River Ordinance, while Jimmy is a detective with the Fort Worth Police Department. They and their families live across the street from one another on 6th Avenue, hence the name of their burgeoning real estate and rehab venture, 6th Ave Homes(more…)