Photos: Shoot2Sell/Thomas Byers

Editor’s Note: This is Part Four of our five-part series breaking down our free team staging of 307 N. Waverly. Read Part One here, Part Two here, and Part Three here.

While executive editor Joanna England and senior writer Leah Shafer write about homes every day, they had never staged one until the CandysDirt.com team descended upon 307 N. Waverly in North Oak Cliff’s historic L.O. Daniel neighborhood. To say it was a learning experience is quite the understatement.

After the de-staging, Leah and Joanna got together for a brief post-mortem chat to talk about what they learned from the experience, which rooms had the most dramatic before-and-after shots, and what they wish they could have done. Jump to read more and to see the dramatic photography!



Lifestylist Suzanne Felber (left) works with Karen Eubank of Eubank Staging to dress up 307 N. Waverly ahead of photography. (Photos: Shoot2Sell/Thomas Byers)

Editor’s Note: This is Part Three of our five-part series breaking down our free team staging of 307 N. Waverly. Read Part One and Part Two here and here, respectively.

It’s been 15 years since I sold my home and purchased The Home Idea Factory. Fortunately for me I found the historical home of my dreams that will keep me in projects for a lifetime in Oak Cliff. Every day though I am working on merchandising new homes for builders, so it was a lot of fun to work with Karen Eubank of Eubank Staging on staging a consumer-owned home.

As a Lifestylist, I get asked all of the time what the difference is between a home stager and a model home merchandiser. The main difference is that I am starting with a clean slate in new home construction and I typically work with the builder from plans to opening day, and everything that I specify stays in the home for as long as three or four years.

We help specify colors, building materials, trim, and of course the furniture, artwork, window treatments and accessories. While a stager is trying to remove the lifestyle of the sellers so the buyer can see themselves living there, a merchandiser plays up the lifestyle that a buyer can expect in their new home and their new community. I bet you didn’t realize how much thought went into making that model home look so good! Our biggest compliment is when a buyer wants to buy the model home furniture and all.

What stagers and model home merchandisers have in common is we both are in business for one reason only — to sell homes.