1200 Main #409 Building

Built in 1974, it was once home to federal offices of the region’s health, education, and welfare departments. But now 1200 Main is the “Metropolitan,” one of the swankiest commercial-to-residential conversions in downtown Dallas.

I had a hard time imagining what this building would be like as a condo tower when Rockwood Realty purchased the building in 2005 and hired Corgan & Associates to transform it. I mean, it’s brown. Brown is not sexy at all.

And yet, it is a fabulous building today, and this unit is definitely worthy of being our High Caliber Home of the Week. A two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit with tons of style and great paint makes wonderful use of the floorplan. And as this unit shows, this is a great building for a family. Trust me, when you see inside, you’ll want to make sure you’ve called Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans so you can sail through closing. Jump for more photos of this great building.