“How Can I Get My Home Featured on CandysDirt?”

Pay us – kidding!

We look for so much when we scour listings to feature on CandysDirt.com: that perfect harmony of beauty, value, and uniqueness. We want the Prom Queen but we also want that diamond in the rough who, after a little nip/tuck, comes alive! A celebrity connection is almost a shoo-in, but we also like homes on the edge, quirky homes, designer homes, green homes, over-the-top homes, weird homes, even psycho homes. Big or small, we like attention to detail and obsession, with color or collections. We like intense and out of the ordinary. And we love love love it when you get the world for $250K. Got a home you’d like us to feature on CandysDirt.com? Send a link with photos to Candy or Jo, and we’ll take a peek.

Oh and a  bottle of Chateau LaFite can’t hurt…