Kerry Paradise Slaughter of Prudential Texas Properties started the “Slaughterhouse” Halloween bash seven years ago with just a grill and some weenies. This year, the event is bigger, scarier, and benefits a great cause.

Find out more about this ghoulishly good time on BubbleLife Media’s Lake Highlands page.

We had a Tuesday Two Hundred last week that was super cute and move-in ready. The Lakeland Hills midcentury-modern home at 8829 Hackney was priced right and perfectly staged by Karen Eubank.

Now, a lot of the mid-mods that hit the market as of late have sold at a crazy-fast pace. But this one was only on the market for TWO WHOLE DAYS before getting snatched up, says listing agent Kerry Paradise Slaughter. And get this, there were multiple offers!

This sale is pretty telling. One, the market for mid-mods is VERY brisk, so prepare for multiple bids. Two, homes in Lake Highlands are going to hold their value well. And most importantly, hiring an experienced stager will get your home sold!

Eubank, who was kind enough to send me a few “before” shots, tells me that when a home is staged with a sale in mind, it will catch a buyer’s eye. In this case, while the home itself was in great shape, there were several little things the buyers needed to do to make sure they got top dollar for it.

First Eubank addressed the bland entryway. By painting a wall and adding some plants, she gave the front of the house “some style and imprinted a memory on the potential buyer.”

The entryway “before”

The entryway “after”

Next, Eubank had to address the visible washer and dryer in the kitchen area.

“This was the big fix,” Eubank said. “I had them build doors to cover the washer/dryer.
No one wants to see or think about laundry.”

Additionally, Eubank said that some of the personal art could have been polarizing for a buyer, so she replaced it with something much more neutral, as well as moving a couch into the living area to replace the piano.

The kitchen and living area “before”

The living and kitchen “after”

Staging doesn’t always mean big changes, but it does help steer buyers’ eyes away from problem areas. Take, for instance, the fact that the patio was a perfect outdoor spot, but there was a terrible view of the neighbor’s fence.

“It’s a beautiful space to entertain with a potential deal killer view of the neighbor’s chain link fence and kitchen window,” Eubank said.

The patio “before”

The patio “after”

Tell us: Do you think staging is worth the investment?

This mid-mod at 8829 Hackney sits on a corner lot in Lakeland Hills.

Every time we write about a well-priced midcentury modern, they seem to get snapped up before I can call my real estate agent. That’s good news for Kerry Paradise Slaughter, who is marketing this sweet Lake Highlands mid-mod at 8829 Hackney.

And guys, this little house, all 1,619 square feet of it, is priced just right at $187,500. There are three bedrooms, two baths with the original Daltile, and a two-car garage (so rare!) on this little beauty. And check out the hardwoods and exposed brick! SWOON!

Yes, the kitchen needs some work, but look at it this way: It’s a completely blank slate! You can paint, put in granite, add a little panache with a cool backsplash, throw in some stainless appliances and voila! It’s perfect!

If the huge windows are drawing you outside, there’s plenty of outdoor living space, including a covered patio. While there isn’t a pool, there’s plenty of room in the gigantic backyard to put one in. This is a corner lot, too, so count on having tons of room to play catch out front this summer. What’s not to love?

There’s one thing you won’t need to change, and that’s the amazing job Karen Eubank has done staging this home. The paint and decor are picture perfect! This is why she needs her own reality show, people!


Amy Messer Featured Realtor


Let’s just say that from the moment we met Realtor Amy Messer, we fell in love with her smile and fantastic sense of humor. She may have not been in the game long, but this girl has some serious hustle. So consider this your warning, folks: Amy is being mentored by some of the best (Kerry Paradise Slaughter, natch!) and she has all of the tools to be a huge success in Dallas real estate.

Also, you have to ask her about the story with the goat. We can’t wait to hear it.

We could think of no one more deserving than this charming, brilliant, and smart-as-a-whip agent to be this week’s Featured Realtor sponsored by great Western Home Loans. What has your lender done for you lately? Find out what you’re missing by calling Jeff Lindigrin of Great Western Home Loans today.

Jump to read all about Amy Messer and her unnatural infatuation with tacos and real estate!


It's snowing like crazy in North Texas, and some dedicated real estate professionals are making deals happen despite the weather!

It’s snowing like crazy in North Texas, and some dedicated real estate professionals are making deals happen despite the weather!

I can’t lie, y’all. I love snow. Really and truly, I love it. I also love working from home, too, so I don’t have to drive in the crazy mess. Still, there are some seriously dedicated Realtors, stagers, appraisers, inspectors, and lenders who make things happen despite the weather. We asked these dedicated real estate professionals to send us their snowy selfies as Dallas gets covered in white stuff. Here they are!



11045 Carissa Front

Another stunner from Kerry Paradise Slaughter! You know we love Lochwood, mainly because of its gorgeous rolling hills, fantastic neighborhood atmosphere, and the fantastic diversity of architecture. This is the anti-cookie-cutter neighborhood, with huge trees and a wonderful park!


Century 21 Commercial Still

We say it here on all the time, but it bears repeating: Real estate is a local — nay, hyperlocal — business. So it was interesting to hear Realtor chatter about the four splashy Super Bowl commercials from Century 21.

Impact-wise, Ad Age gave the 30-second spot 2.5 out of 4 stars, saying it was predictable: “No one expects a real-estate ad to push the boundaries. This one lives up to expectations with a plot straight out of The Saturday Evening Post.”

However, Prudential agent Kerry Paradise Slaughter asked her Facebook friends this question after the above commercial aired:

“As a Realtor, I’m curious – do these VERY expensive C21 commercials have any impact on your choice of real estate agent?”

Most responses were variations on “no,” all but confirming my personal experience that Reators’ business is built on locally targeted advertising — not big, splashy national campaigns — and referrals. Here’s a selection of my favorite responses:

From Greg:

“Great branding. Still a personal relationship game.”

From Tricia:

“No, especially since they are trying to be funny and they aren’t.”

From Bud, who is a home inspector:

“I agree with all of the statements above. However I believe that they are necessary to keep your brand relevant. So many times I ask my client whom their realtor is and the answer is something like “Ebby”. Your brand is strong and you don’t want the market consciousness being pulled out from under you like a riptide.”

And from Slaughter:

” … Here in Dallas, I don’t think it matters how many millions C21 spends, that brand is almost impossible to revive inside 635. And Ebby is a great example. Outside a 100 mile radius the consumer has no idea who Ebby is. 
I can only recall one time in the last eight years that my phone rang because of the broker brand I am associated with. And ironically, it was just last week.
I THINK my clients choose to do business with me because of my competence and my character – both of which they either know personally or they hear about from someone they trust. They have never seemed to care whose logo is on my sign.”

What do you think? Was it cunning marketing to help revive a brand, or was it a complete waste?

I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. After all, Realtors have been stealing tips from ad pros for years to make homes look glorious in photographs to entice buyers. What have I been telling you for years — it’s all about the photos, right? Now we hear that “placement pets“, as they are known in the advertising world, are increasingly showing up in home listing photos. The point is to convey a subliminal message to would-be buyers, and make them feel as warm and fuzzy about the house as one of my fluffy Golden Retrievers. Let’s face it, pets have become status symbols and are increasingly the “children” of empty nesters and gay couples. A hunting dog looks great snuggled on a hearth; Vizsla’s or Standard Poodles are chick magnets, so why wouldn’t they lure in buyers? You may have noticed that my furry child, Bree, is proudly displayed on this blog.

(Now she wants a blog of her own!)

Then there was this photo of former representative Anthony Weiner’s apartment — with a “pussy cat” on the sill. Talk about subliminal!

It started in — you guessed it — New York City. According to my friend Ann Brenoff at AOL Real Estate, Tristan H. Harper, senior vice president of New York’s Prudential Douglas Elliman agency, uses designer dogs to sell property. In fact, he sold an East 63rd Street penthouse for a record $3.75 million in 2008 after this photo (above, terrace) of Rocko the Shih Tzu was published everywhere.

Then a Montecito, Calif., agent posed a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on the rug of her $4,595,000 listing, hoping to inspire buyers. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are ritzy dogs; they were bred by English royalty and match an uppity British house. I know all about these dogs because I have two Cavalier grand-pups, and Polly has the lineage of a Windsor. Huh!

So I asked several agents and home stagers if anyone is doing this in Dallas?  I know Tucker, Dave Perry-Miller’s precious Portuguese Water Dog (and Bree’s beau) participates in the actual selling process: his job is to fetch contracts, full-price only. Might Dave be adding Tucker to a few select home photos?

No way, say local home stagers. Holly Kangas Bellomy says when she consults with homeowners who are selling their homes she has them remove evidence of pets (bowls, beds) as well as the pets.

“I don’t like to see the pets in the photos either because some buyers have pet allergies and may not want to consider a home that has had pets living in it,” she says. “They may wonder about pet messes, odors, and anything that has been destroyed.”

Realtor Kerry Paradise Slaughter agrees: when she has a listing with dogs, she works to minimize the dog factor, like smell and dog hair. (Note: GoldenDoodles do not shed!)

“I do not think a dog photo adds warmth to the listing photos,” she says.

Shelle Carrig, who works with Becky Frey, says “for those of us that love dogs, we know that they are like children. Neither make good staging props for sales photos. We want buyers to recognize the features of the room, not the family pup.”

Karen Eubank of Eubank Staging says professional home stagers would never advise using an animal as a staging prop.

“There are far too many potential buyers with allergies. Pets shed, they smell, there are buyers that are afraid of animals,” she says. “It’s not a good idea.”

Well, gosh, not even for the photos? Here I was thinking of

becoming Bree and Tucker’s agent.

“I took a listing that had fuzzy warm dog photos in it and re-listed it without the dog and sold it quick,” says Charles Nuber.

Still not convinced, you?