4412 LakesideThis has to be one of the most significant Monday Morning Millionaires we have ever featured on CandysDirt! 4412 Lakeside is a perfect example of an historical, iconic Dallas home that has been loved, preserved, updated, and cherished with every design sensibility spanning several well-heeled owners. It was one of the very first homes built in the Park Cities, 1918, in the second installment of Old Highland Park. The home is large but not garishly so, designed by the late Harold B. Thompson. Texas native Hal Thompson had a privileged background and graduated from MIT. His homes sport gentle curves, generous front porches, grace and proportions. One of his crowning Dallas glories is Aldredge House on Swiss Avenue. Because of it’s maturity, the home’s setting is breathlessly beautiful along the most scenic parcel of Lakeside Drive. It faces west, but exceptionally deep eaves preserve and protect it from the sun’s glare. The entrance is not your typical yawning foyer with a stairway to the left, living room to the right and (can you guess it?) great gargantuan room in the center. No no, the front is a lovely open terrace, with gated stone balustrade, which surveys the sloping front lawn and overlooks Lakeside Park and Exall Lake right across the street.  At twilight, pin lights shine upon the house as do the LED tree lights, casting a subtle hue across the grounds. This is classic Highland Park living with a Who’s Who list of previous owners ranging from members of the Henry S. Miller family to Frank and Maryanne Mihalopoulo  to Ronald and Terry Lee Unkefer.

But this is also a house of fun and games. And when it comes to the backyard, people, it’s time to play ball! (more…)

3800 Beverly extThis home is so very Easter Monday, and also such a beautiful example of Highland Park neoclassical architectural history that defines Dallas real estate. Built in 1922 by the renown Hal Thompson, it sits on one of the most prestigious corners in the city (Eton and Beverly) with stately columns, slate and metal roof, perfectly manicured gardens, huge towering trees, a front porch (remember those?) and circular driveway that must have inspired a million more. The home is situated on .845 acres in Highland Park! You get 8,938 square feet of space that has been brought into the 21st century artfully and thoughtfully, all the while maintaining and respecting the architectural integrity of the home.


North of LBJ Freeway near Preston and Hillcrest roads you’ll find some of the best neighborhoods in the city with larger lots, newer homes, and more square footage. 

But with those great North Dallas opportunities comes competition from other buyers, so you need a local expert on your side. Ebby Halliday Realtors offers boots-on-the-ground experience from Realtors who know North Dallas inside out.   

I’ve found three stellar properties represented by Ebby Halliday that illustrate the care and attention sellers get from them and the opportunities buyers can expect. 



Neoclassical MansionWe are over the moon with excitement because this gorgeous historic Highland Park neoclassical mansion at 3800 Beverly Drive is back on the market and was just listed by Compass Real Estate’s Jonathan Rosen. It’s one of our favorite homes in Dallas.


4248 Armstrong ext

4248 Armstrong Parkway

There are a lot of new homes going up in Dallas, we trip over them or the cement trucks constructing them almost every day.

But I prefer a home that has graciously stood the test of time. Plaster walls, beau d’arc woods, dentils, brick walkways as perfect now as they were then: these jewels are in better shape than the young whippersnappers! And these homes, like great Hollywood divas,  have stories to tell, secrets to share. They are like living in a Texas version of Downton Abbey with classical symmetry, ballrooms, huge windows, classic placement on their verdantly treed lots, and huge swaths of entertainment spaces like lawns, remember lawns? The areas that show their years the quickest — kitchens and baths — have been renovated by the best contractors in town. They are plumped, primed, and better than ever.

4908 Lakeside Drive ext

4908 Lakeside

6748 Lakewood ext

6748 Lakewood Blvd.

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate now has a smattering of classical stunners on the market that we just had to draw your eyes to. From the depths of Old Highland Park to the most sought after streets in Lakewood, these are the architectural jewels of Dallas. The best part of all? These museum-quality masterpieces are coming to us at great values. We present 4248 Armstrong Parkway, 4908 Lakeside Drive, and 6748 Lakewood Boulevard. (more…)


The brand new Ebby Halliday Southlake office has opened!

The brand new Ebby Halliday Southlake office has opened!

We’ve been waiting for this moment for what feels like ages, but the brand-spanking new Ebby Halliday office just across the street from Southlake Town Square is now open, and it is a beauty. Built at the intersection of style and technology, the new office on Southlake Boulevard has room after room of sleek meeting space, offices, and workspace with an emphasis on design.




It’s October, and we are going to see a lot of zany Halloween stuff out in the yards. My neighbor has two giant moving spiders in her yard that scare the beejesus out of my dog. I’ll be snapping the wilder homes I see out there — feel free to send in what you find, too. This yard is in Colleyville and was found on Kathleen Thompson’s blog — I think I just found a Colleyville community reporter! Anyhow, it depicts what many feel this election season: none of the candidates out there are too great and in fact, they may all be crooks! Or spiders!

Let the debates begin!

UPDATE FROM JO: Obviously, the title isn’t meant to be offensive, but descriptive. As Thompson says on her blog, “I read this as ‘The Romney/Ryan Web of Deceit.'” The actual meaning is, of course, open to your interpretation. Let’s stay classy, folks.

UPDATE FROM CANDY: Whoa, apologize if I have offended anyone. I spent the day south of the Trinity and must say, saw no Halloween decorations this elaborate. Which was my whole point: a community’s holiday decor says so much. Park Cities is Halloween on steroids, overloaded with haunted inflatables and hay, 90 lb gourds and moving witches. This Colleyville display is elaborate and also quite political — but I want to go on record as saying that having the President and Vice President of the United States hanging from a tree is not cool. If I were the neighbors, I might ask that President Obama get out of the tree. P.S. Sometimes I lean right, sometimes left. Getting more ambidextrous in my old age!

UPDATE II: We are trying to contact the homeowner. The Dallas Morning News went out to the house for close-ups, and it appears that President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden (as a clown) are caught in Romney’s spider web — not a tree, though the web is hanging from a tree. They have a bag of money between them. And the President sports a clown nose, so maybe they are both clowns. Here are the close-ups:

I am just now seeing the hammer and sickle on the money bag — no its a dollar sign, wow. Bet this display took some time to pull together!

During this year’s Swiss Avenue Mother’s Day Home Tour, the Aldredge House – the Grand Dame of the Swiss Avenue Historic District – will open its doors at 5500 Swiss Avenue and host a free and open to the public speaker series sponsored by Friends of Aldredge House.

Slated for Saturday, May 11, and Sunday, May 12, scheduled talks will cover a wide range of topics, including antique cars, family heirlooms, historic homes, and preservation, as well as native greenery. 

The speaker series is just one of the activities on offer during the weekend-long Swiss Avenue Historic District Mother’s Day Home Tour.