Recognize this hotbed of danger in Northwest Dallas?

So, dear readers, remember that time when I had to tell that writer from the Atlantic decided to talk about the dining options in Dallas suburbs, while only actually spending most of her time in Wichita Falls and the airport that she was super wrong?

That hot sports opinion is about to look remarkably measured and well researched. Hold my prosecco, y’all.

Last week, someone slid a year-old piece of aggression across my metaphorical desk, and I decided to ask some readers what they thought.

They had many thoughts. I had many thoughts. At the end of this piece, you can share your thoughts.

So there is this site called Roadsnacks. According to their flagship site’s about us page:

“HomeSnacks combines recent data from the Census, FBI, OpenStreetMaps, and dozens of other sources into bite-sized studies to help you understand what it’s like to live in different communities across the country.
We have been professionally ranking cities, neighborhoods, counties, and states across America for over three years.”

They’re based in Durham, North Carolina, which is super close to Dallas when you’re dead set on being wrong on the Internet. (more…)