And talk about poetic names: this 918 acre ranch is located in the town of Venus, which was originally named “Gossip”, until its development in the late 1880s. According to Wikipedia,  a J.C. Smythe purchased 80 acres of cornfields in the northeastern corner of Johnson County, planned a town, and named it  “Venus” after the daughter of a local doctor. Wiki doesn’t say if he had a crush on Venus, but come on: dude names a town after girl? Bet he scored… some points!
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By 1888 the new town had a post office and 10,000 residents, located at the junction of two major railroads. By the 1920’s Venus even had a small college. Then came the Great Depression and the growth of Dallas-Fort Worth and no matter how pretty that girl was, Venus just didn’t cut it as a metropolis. Soon it was just a one-drugstore town. Remember those?