Walsh Parkway Bridge

The Walsh Ranch Parkway bridge is a new addition to I-30 West and leads to Walsh

In Part 1 of discussing Fort Worth’s newest development, Walsh, we looked at how the landscape of West Fort Worth will soon change forever.  With the development opening soon (they say April 2017) there will soon be over 500 new homes under construction.

For Part 2, I would like to tell you about the innovations, schools and planning that will contribute into making Walsh a community for now and for the future.


Wouldn't you like to have your own exit?

Walsh Ranch Parkway will forever change the face of West Fort Worth

One Spring Break when I was a frustrated teenager, I went to spend a few days with my cool Uncle Tony in Dallas.  He was (and still is) a real mover-and-shaker and was a blast to hang out with.  I’ll never forget what he would constantly pound into my brain when we would talk about life and future: “Accept and expect change.”

Those words have stayed with me even now as a frustrated 40-something. Accept and expect change. Are there truer words than these?

The city of Fort Worth is about to meet change head-on.  Soon, Walsh Ranch is expected to be open for business, and that means major changes are about to happen to West Fort Worth.


Aledo real estateUnless you are a devotee of early Saturday Night Live skits, you might be too young to remember a late-night infomercial character named Tom Vu. He was a Vietnamese immigrant with an amazing rags-to-riches story. In his infomercials, a happy, rich-looking Vu stood on a huge yacht, surrounded by babes in bikinis. (Or he was in front of a mansion with a Bentley in the driveway.) Vu’s ads promised that you, too, could learn the secret to making millions in real estate just by attending his free seminar… which was a come on for a $16,00 real estate investment course. And probably a rip-off.

While Tom Vu is no longer in the real estate business—he was sued by some former students, investigated by the government, and later reincarnated as a professional poker player—his “real estate theories” of finding and buying “distressed” properties—foreclosures, bankruptcies, divorces, tax liens—and selling them to profit off other’s miseries remains a signature Vu hallmark. (No duh.) That’s why, from time to time, we bring you a listing from the Tommy Vu files when we uncover a really good deal. (more…)