Trulia editor Christin Zweig with Bree

According to one of my favorite real estate websites, Trulia, Dallas ranks No. 8 among the nation’s most “gay-friendly” cities, speaking of real estate. And, the top 10 list of these gay-friendly neighborhoods in each city also happen to coincide with the pricest markets and neighborhoods in those cities. In otherwords, Trulia is just verifying something we already know: want your real estate to appreciate in value? Follow the Gayborhood!

How they did this: Trulia used U. S. Census bureau data to identify zip codes with the heaviest concentrations of same-sex households. They compared this to the median price per square foot of homes listed in those zip codes. In 2010, the Census Bureau reported about 646,000 same-sex households, or .6 percent (that’s point six) of the nation’s 117 million households.

Still, Trulia cautioned the Census data required some “adjustments”, since the agency doesn’t ask about sexual orientation. I would venture to say there are way more than .6 percent same-sex households in the U.S., wouldn’t you? Here are the top 10 gay-friendly cities/neighborhoods and the cost of buying a home there — follow the Gayborhood!

8. City: Dallas

Neighborhood: Oak Lawn, average price per square foot: $160

Neighborhood: Lake Highlands, average price per square foot, $128