Troy Aikman Highland Park Nbsphouse

Steve Brown: Aikman’s House Has Had Many Lookers, but No Buyers. When Celebrities Won’t Let People In, It’s Kind of Hard to Sell The House

By Candy Evans / March 15, 2012 / 18 Comments

We all know Troy Aikman’s Highland Park house on Highland Drive has been on the market now for nine months, at least. We all know it hasn’t moved. Steve quoted Allie Beth Allman saying she’s had several offers, and you can bet your bippy she took the whole Kardashian/Odom crowd over there to look/see. Maybe they wanted to lease it? Warren Buffet was in town last week checking out his Nebraska Furniture Mart, but a $24 million home is not his style, much as he might want to fill it with his namesake furniture.

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