What will he do next?

We are not talking about 89-year-old oil tycoon and philanthropist T. Boone Pickens. He has his famous, 65,000-square-foot West Texas ranch, Mesa Vista, on the market for $250 million. Who knows, could be sold by now.

Now he has sold his Preston Hollow mansion, listed with Dave Perry-Miller and Ryan Streiff. Selling price was $5 million. Word is that T. Boone is heading for a luxury condo.



IHOTW 2429-Pickens-ext

Is your heart beating faster? There is also a huge plus right here, in what I think is the THEE most important element of real estate: location. This home overlooks Tokalon, which I would arguably call the most beautiful street in Dallas, or certainly one of the top five.

Let us pause here. What ARE the most beautiful streets in Dallas? Tokalon, Beverly, Swiss, Nonesuch, and Rockbrook. But I also love Meadowood, Meadowbrook, DeLoache, Brookview and Cochran Chapel. Vanguard Way? Strait Lane, meh. So flat, so showy. Don’t know, there are so many. We will truly have to post on that topic sometime, so put your best street-thinking caps on. Meantime, 2429 Pickens… (more…)

The-Chapel-at-Mesa-Vista-2-620x413Mesa Vista -BP Capital

These two have got to be the most romantic couple in the world. As you know, Toni Brinker and T. Boone Pickens have been dating, got engaged, and planned a most exclusive wedding for St. Valentine’s Day. The ceremony took place at T. Boone’s Mesa Vista Ranch, a 70,000 acre “Shangri-la” up in the Texas panhandle. Alan Peppard has all the details and photos of the bride and groom AND Mesa Vista: 

“The 4:30 p.m. wedding ceremony was held at the ranch’s idyllic chapel that stands in a secluded area on the banks of a small lake. Pickens is the wealthy oracle of energy, philanthropist and natural gas champion. Brinker is the widow of Dallas restaurant entrepreneur Norman Brinker.”

I hear the only way to get up there was by private jet, wonder if Alan got to go! If you will recall, T. Boone has a gorgeous property at 9434 Alva Court that was on the market for $7 million until his beautiful fiancee came into his life. (I have heard there is a million or more in landscaping alone!) Toni Brinker owns the former Neiman Marcus 1998 Showcase house on Strait Lane at North Lindhurst, which was on the market for a bit, a very short bit in January, listed for $5,950,000. Of course, what bride has time to think about selling her home when she’s getting ready to get married?9434-Alva-Ct-exterior 9434-Alva-ct-cabana.png pets

T. Boone seems to be a huge lover of animals, particularly dogs: he has a beautiful tribute to a favored pet in his Alva Court back-yard, and I am loving the dog statutes at Mesa Vista in Alan’s article.

We wish the newlyweds all the happiness in the world!