TMZ is reporting that in the Deion and Pilar Sanders marriage pre-nup, Deion agreed to provide his wife with a home half the value of the one she is living in. Where TMZ gets this stuff, I know not. Here’s what they say:

“Sources close to the couple tell us Deion had agreed to buy Pilar a house when they split … equal to half the value of whatever their current home is. Well nowadays they live in Prosper, TX — in a home that’s almost 30,000 square feet, with 10 bedrooms, 9 full baths (and 4 half baths) … and a listing price of $21 million.”

TMZ says Deion might wish he lived in an apartment right about now. I’d say yeah, maybe one off Harry Hines!

Couple things. One, they forgot to mention/figure in the Azure condo that is “leased” right now, (clearing throat loudly). Add that puppy in and Pilar ought to have a second home in Palm Beach, you ask me. But then, values can be argued. Neither of these properties are moving. Deion had some extensive water damage in the Prosper house that he tweeted about last winter, and the home has not sold for the $21 million asking price. $21 million? Good luck. Let’s look at just the land value up there in Prosper: $2,596,682 on 84 acres and $872,575 on 25. That’s a grand total of $3,469,257. Half of that nets Pilar a $1.5 million home which is, I think, a great budget for house shopping in Dallas, Heath, or Rockwall.

Like I told you, Pilar has been looking for homes in the $2 million range, especially those offering owner financing. I know how hard it is for the self-employed to snag a loan these days, so I imagine the Sanders might be feeling the pinch, too, on top of everything else.

This is The Azure

Once again, TMZ is getting more SEO mileage by reporting that Terrell Owens had to short-sale his Azure condo, NOT his Condo at The House as some outlets reported this morning, then duly corrected. I was so confused I caught Bobby Dhillon who is marketing The House, in Vegas to ask him what gives. As I recall, the House was not even being marketed in 2008, and certainly no one moved in until 2009 earliest. Bobby confirmed that Terrell doesn’t own anything at The House. Anyhow, it’s not really accurate to lump all the lux downtown condos in with one another, and Victory has lowered prices considerably, reacting to the market. Despite what TMZ says, Terrell is losing a lot more than $350,000: he may have only paid $1.95 million, but poured a whole lot more into that condo. And, as I told you weeks ago,  my sources tell me the short sale is for less than $1.6.

Oh, and this from the news outlet that first reported he was losing $56,000. Must be LA math.

First Terrell Owens, now Jason Kidd. Seems like all the sports studs really love living at the Azure. But then, they leave. Jason F. Kidd just listed, on October 18, his 2607 square foot Azure condo right there on the 21st floor with Joseph Gullotto for $1,195,000.  Not  sure if it has been reduced from $1,595,000, which actually would put it under DCAD value, wowzers, but Joseph’s website says $1,195,000 and MLS says $1,595,000: I could be mistaken.  Three bedrooms, three and a half baths, two fireplaces, formals, decked out kitchen with Miele, Subzero and granite, and FOUR garage spaces in the famous Azure garage. Kidd bought the place in September of 2008 for, according to TMZ, just under $1.5… and for some reason, in their headline, they are calling the condo SICK. (Nothing sick about the Azure, maybe they mean SLICK.) I am going to pretend that is an acronym for SassyInsideCondothatKicksass. Anyhow, it’s still priced at $611 $458 a square foot at that new price, if it is new, a weeee bit higher than T.O’s pad on the 20th floor, which is now at about $450 per square foot.

Oh wait, yes, Kidd’s is on the 21st floor: pricier.

I’m checking something here: I think the theater and exercise room are community rooms, and I know the Azure has a great conference room to use for meetings. But then, wouldn’t surprise me if Kidd he DID have his own screening room. It’s unclear if this sale means Kidd is leaving the Mavs or just hunting for different digs.

Oh, expect to read more Dallas intel on TMZ. Turns out Ebby realtor Judy Steinberg has a daughter, Karly Steinberg, who graduated from Plano West High, who works for TMZ in LA and is hell bent on writing more about Dallas! The other day while we were talking about T.O., I turned her on to DCAD… so get ready.

I’m talking the BIG one in the process of being sold, the 3559 square foot one that was listed at $2,250,000 and reduced to $1.6 — God what a STEAL for that unit on the 20th floor. (The smaller one TMZ was referring to, I think, is still waiting for a buyer. They got it all wrong!) I also hear it’s going for less than the $1.6 asking, like somewhere around $1.4 or $1.5. Of course, only the bank knows for sure, but how in the world can someone with a $25 million dollar contract end up losing so much money in such a short period of time?

This is going to bring down comps at the Azure to less than $450 a quare foot. And that makes me sad.

TMZ is reporting that Terrell Owens took a bath on his Azure condo:

According to public documents, Owens paid $340,000 for the 2,600 square foot place back in 2006, right after he signed a $25 million contract with the Cowboys.

Owens no longer works in Dallas … and probably won’t ever work in Dallas again … so he put the place up for sale.”

I think they are wrong. Here’s the real story. Owens owns not one but TWO (2) units at The Azure, as I told you way back. He also owns a 2297 square foot townhome at the East Side Lofts on 1st Street. The smaller Azure unit on McKinnon, #307, is on the market for $279,000, price lowered from $325,000. The price per square foot is just over $300. This is a smaller, one bedroom unit at 881 square feet and while he may have paid $340,000 for that one, he bought both props in 2008. Yeah, pre-bust. But the condo he is probably most anxious to shed, and the ONE THAT IS SALES PENDING, is the big mama on the 20th floor that he had listed for $2,250,000 that is 3559 square feet with 6 garage spaces  This 3 BR, 4.5 Bath custom residence on the 20th floor comes with all those garages plus two storage spaces. There are three outdoor terraces with gas fireplaces, downtown views of the Dallas skyline, 10 ft ceilings, a loaded kitchen with built-in SubZero fridge, Miele gas cooktop and double ovens, etc. The Master suite features his-her separate bath and closets, plus a sitting area and private outdoor terrace with gas fireplace. Best of all, the place has not been lived in much. This pad has been reduced to Holy Schnickers $1,600,000, and at that price, brings the price per square foot at The Azure for this essentially Ferrari property down to $449.56. And that’s if they got asking! 

But TMZ is right about one thing: If TO paid anywhere near $2 million for unit 2008 whenever, he is most certainly taking a bath. Not a $56,000 bath but more like a tsunami –close to a million going bye-bye…