Or Mini Champs. McMansion Champs –McChamps! This could be why Alan Goldfield has decided to auction off the over the top dream chateau with the Chanel Boutique-replica closet etc. etc. that he has been trying to sell for almost ten years up there in Hictory Creek. A few weeks ago I found out that a chunk of Goldfield properties in Hickory Creek surrounding Champs were sold to Centurion American Development. As in the man I call Saint Stoneleigh,  Mehrdad Moayedi, head of Carrollton-based property developer and investor Centurion American Development Group, who paid $4.55 million for the Stoneleigh Hotel.

Readers tell me the Centurion signs are up already:

I was driving home just now, I saw workers putting up the signs. A single “For Sale” sign still lingers in front of the guard shack at the entrance to Champs D’Or, along with 39 acres.

Centurion bought 1745 Turbeville Road, 20 acres that includes a 13,439 square foot house with six bedrooms, five and a half baths, three car garage listed for $5.6 million, which is exactly what it sold for according to MLS. The home also has a pool with cabana, sauna and kitchen in cabana, commercial grade construction and 3000 square feet of patios. Centurion also bought 1850 Turbeville Road, listed for $15 million, that being 116 acres including a 12,588 square foot home with five bedrooms, four and a half baths, billiard room, covered terraces, ten stall horse barn, log cabin home, riding corral and private lake loaded with ducks and geese. The game plan is, I think, to create a housing development here that may very well be called Gold Fields surrounding the House of Gold! Prices will begin in the $400,000 range with minimum square footage of 2500 square feet — most will likely be around 3000 to 4000. I got a whiff of a zoning change in Hickory Creek for single family homes, and that’s when this all came together. Centurion closed on the properties December 20, 2011.

The total acreage is 137, and if you get 3 homes per acre that’s about 400 homes. Of course, the existing homes could be converted to club houses, or just retained and sold, and that horse barn will be an attractive amenity. Plus all the homes will surround and gaze upon the golden pinnacle of twenty-first century Real Estate dreams, or, perhaps nightmares: Champ D’Or.

As one reader speculated:

Rumor is, Texas will legalize gambling in the near future and the Champ will be bought by an Indian tribe or mega-church and turned into a casino or bingo hall.  Plenty of parking, looks like a casino, easy access to I-35, tax revenue, it’s all there.

He teases us, obviously. But I could see Prestonwood Baptist buying the place to revive those amazing Christmas pageants maybe, recall the ones with live camels? Will Centurion pick up Champ at the auction next month as the ultimate club house for his new development? If not, who will and what will they put there? How will that fit into the housing development plans? Surely it will not become, as one writer speculated, the best little tear down in Texas? Will The House of Gold eventually be surrounded by starter homes from DR Morton, Megatel, Gehan, Seina, etc? Maybe Alan Goldfrield is a shrewd businessman, bluffing? This could be the most interesting real estate story to hit North Texas in years…  stay tuned.