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There’s nothing seemingly historic about this duplex penthouse on the 13th and 14th floors of Marathon House, a modern-ish high-rise in London (Map). Thankfully for someone who loves big views, modern buildings are not the issue in London that it can be in Paris where old almost always beats new.

For those not familiar with Marylebone (pronounced Marla-bone), it’s just north of Mayfair and borders the 410-acre Regent’s Park. It’s highly residential and lighter on tourists. But as you can see, it’s still quite close to the action. The tall light slightly left is the Shard while slightly right you can see the arc of the London Eye Ferris wheel. Truly, London is at your feet.

This 4,079-square-foot apartment has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It’s listed with Simon Tollit and Hannah McDougall of Sotheby’s International Realty for £7.950 million ($9.857 million) which works out to $2,417 per square foot.

I say you’re Sherlock’s neighbor because the closest underground station is Baker Street, which, as fans will recall, is the street Mr. Holmes fictionally lived on…number 221B to be exact. It’s also just down the road from Euston Station, the home of Eurostar where Sharon Quist of Dave Perry-Miller and I alighted from a train to see this beauty (Brits don’t “hop off”).

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A view you could sell tickets to see

A view you could sell tickets to

I hadn’t even got on the plane and this Florence villa captivated me.  Is it any wonder when this is the view from the home’s back deck?  Perfectly situated to frame the ancient city of Florence, this home could be a dump and still there’d be this.  Of course it’s no dump …

The home is listed with Sotheby’s Italy for $15.96 million (€15 million) with Diletta Giorgolo Spinola.  It contains six bedrooms and eight full bathrooms with a staff apartment and outbuildings containing a gym, personal spa, and bathroom. All in all there are 7,534 square feet under roof resting on 0.865 acres with some of the best views in the city.

As you might know, the city of Florence is on the Arno River.  This home is across the river from the city center and is the perfect vantage point to see Florence end-to-end. It rests between the Boboli and Bardino Gardens bordering Fort Belvedere (Map).

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Clotilde View 1

Often in Paris, discoveries are made by chance. Out for a walk one evening, up Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, I happened upon one of the Sotheby’s offices and peered into the window (as you do).  I was struck by this photograph, snapped a picture to remind me to follow-up when the office was open.

As if the picture didn’t tip it off, I have quite nice taste.  I mean, who reading this wouldn’t count their lucky stars to be standing here with a glass of champagne in their hand?

The Left Bank property on Rue Casimir Périer in the 7th Arrondissement, is on the upper floor of a vintage building across from the pictured Basilique Sainte-Clotilde, in all its Notre Dame-esque gothic-ness. The apartment’s nine rooms are listed with Véronique Prévost and includes six bedrooms with five bathrooms. The apartment is on two floors with the main public rooms and master suite are on the sixth floor while the remainder of the bedrooms are on the fifth along with an office/bedroom.  The whole property covers 2,690 square feet (250 square meters) and is listed for more than $5.26 million or4.9 million … that’s $1,957 per square foot.

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Only in LA would someone create art out of the presidential election AND mix it in with real estate. These images are popping up all over bus-stop benches in Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and Beverly Hills, and sprinkled in the yards of various homes for sale. The artist, an ultra conservative (I guess) named Sabo, is using them as satirical content (the celebs all said they will move out of the country if Trump wins the election) to drive people to a website, or so The Hollywood Reporter reports:

There’s also a phone number and a website,, which prolific street artist Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter stands for: “Get the f–k out of here today.” (The plan is for satirical content at the website while the phone number is actually to a Beverly Hills art gallery that is temporarily closed).

The logos are fake, but look pretty real. One wonders just how long it will take Sotheby’s to issue a cease and desist.

But then again, after tomorrow, they could become valuable pieces of historical art. (Jump for more) (more…)


Jenni Stolarski knows Oak Cliff better than almost every other Realtor in the area. She lives in Kings Highway and works to better the neighborhood as if her next meal depended on it.

And in a way, it does. She, along with her partner Val Haskell, have worked their fingers to the bone to flip homes in Oak Cliff that keep the character of the neighborhood intact. Not only that, but with all of the upgrades and care that go into their homes, Stolarski and Haskell have managed to sell these babies super fast. Their most recent flip at 806 N. Windomere was sold in a matter of days.

“After that remodel last summer, I said to Val, ‘OK, that’s it. I’m never doing this again,'” Stolarski said. And yet, here they are, with another home that could hit MLS as soon as next month. With Stolarski as the visionary and Haskell as the number-crunching realist, they’ve managed to turn brass into gold once more.


briggs freeman logoI told you a few weeks ago that Sotheby’s International sued Briggs Freeman, one of it’s own franchisees, due to the beefs of another one of it’s franchisees, Williams Trew Real Estate Services of Fort Worth. Turns out the judge did not grant Sotheby’s a temporary restraining order last month.

Judge Sidney A. Fitzwater threw out Sotheby’s request for a TRO “Because plaintiff has not shown that it faces a substantial threat of irreparable harm between the time its TRO application was filed and when the court can address its preliminary injunction application, the court denies the application. The denial of the TRO application does not suggest a view on the merits of plaintiff’s pending preliminary injunction application.”

Anyhow, I guess Williams Trew decided to take matters into their own hands: On Friday, the 13th of September, Williams Trew Sotheby’s International Realty of Fort Worth filed suit against Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty of Dallas and Robbie Briggs. The beef is tortious interference — WT says Briggs has interfered with Williams Trew’s contract with Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC.

williams true

The lawsuit, filed in 348th Tarrant County State District Court, seeks actual and punitive damages and a permanent injunction barring certain business activity. Here’s what WT founding partner Martha Williams told the Fort Worth Business Press:

“Competition in the marketplace is fine so long as it is conducted lawfully,” said Martha Williams, a founder of Williams Trew in a news release. “We were forced to file this lawsuit due to Briggs Freeman’s refusal to acknowledge Williams Trew’s contractual rights with Sotheby’s International Realty.”

Here is Robbie Briggs response:

Robbie Briggs Statement Re: Williams Trew SIR v. Briggs Freeman SIR Tortious Interference suit

briggs freeman logoAs I know only too well, just because you see it in a petition doesn’t make it Trew true, but it seems Fort Worth is really worth fighting for. Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC filed a lawsuit August 1 against one of it’s own franchisees right here in Dallas. What in the world are they suing over? Selling dirt in Fort Worth and Meridian. Seems that the Williams Trew brokerage in Fort Worth inked a deal with  Sotheby’s last May, 2012, to be the official Sotheby’s franchise office over there yonder. Now that firm is mad as hornets that Briggs is still working in Cow Town.

Briggs, the suit alleges, has an office in Fort Worth at 4904 Camp Bowie Boulevard, though they have taken the Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s sign down. They also recently set up an office in Meridian, southwest of Fort Worth near Hico, this according to the petition.

Apparently the two brokers have been sparring over Fort Worth turf but could not reach a settlement.  So the lawyers got called in.

I contacted Robbie Briggs for more info, which is forthcoming; Marshall Boyd at Williams Trew said he could not comment on the case.

So probably the best thing is just let you read it all for yourself. I had the entire lawsuit posted earlier today, but took it down out of respect. It’s public record anyhow, and the lawsuit is in the United States District Court Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division.

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2932 Stanford listed with Tom Hughes at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s for $1,155,000.

Whose house does this remind you of? Just needs black shutters!