Nicole Schultz

Nicole Schultz describes herself as “a bit of a neat freak, but in a good way.”

As a mother of four children, being organized never really seemed like much of a choice for Schultz. Friends noticed, and what started as her efforts to help them maximize their space and offer solutions to eliminate chaos and clutter evolved into a business a year and a half ago. Get It Together is Schultz’s professional organizing company that offers services designed to create order in a client’s home, business, and life.

“Once items are placed in bins and labeled, or organized beautifully in drawers, it so much easier to find what you are looking for and the items have found a permanent home,” she said. “I absolutely love it and I feel like I make a difference. It’s like being part of an extreme home makeover show.”

Schultz is working with more than 40 clients now through word of mouth recommendations and her business is thriving. She sat down with me to share some of her insights on how to help the chronically disorganized.