808 S. Lamar Street in Weatherford, TX (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

Do you remember the Steve Martin movie from the ’90s Father of the Bride? There are a ton of memorable quotes in that movie but because I’m such a house junkie, I love the one where George and Nina Banks are visiting their future son-in-law’s parents in their massive home.  George needs to use the restroom:

The bathroom down here is being remodeled, why don’t you try upstairs, it’s the seventh door on the left.”




A true assortment of colors that's for sure!

The Queen Anne Victorian home has over 21 different paint colors on the exterior

What does that movie and quote have to do with today’s Tarrant County Tuesday?  Today I want to tell you about a home with 10 bathrooms.  Yes, I said 10.  Can you imagine giving someone directions to bathroom No. 5 or No. 9?


Home has cozy look and feel inside and outside

3508 Dorothy Lane North in the heart of Monticello (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

Cozy — have you ever really thought of that word? It sounds funny. It looks funny. And what does it really mean? Isn’t something that is cozy all based on personal preference? To some “cozy” could be a large cabin in the woods with snow falling and a fire roaring.  To others”cozy” could mean an ocean view condominium with a glass of bubbly.