Renting in Dallas

Even in D-FW, Pandemic Puts Burden on Female Renters, Homeowners

By Tommy Cummings / October 12, 2020 / 0 Comments

Nearly half (45 percent) of female-led households spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing as compared with 36 percent of their male counterparts, according to Zillow’s analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey data.

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Some Landlords Practice Compassion as 24 Percent of Americans Can’t Pay April Housing Costs

By Joanna England / April 14, 2020 / 4 Comments

With jobless claims at record levels, the obvious concern for a broad swath of America is what to do when the rent or mortgage is due. Unfortunately, because of such overwhelming unemployment rates, nearly a quarter of Americans couldn’t make a full housing payment in the month of April. Luckily in Dallas, many landlords are […]

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Renters Won’t Budge on Price and Location According to Apartment Guide Report

By Joanna England / October 18, 2018 / 0 Comments

After some North Texans sell their homes, a significant portion of them rent in the interim before finding their next one. Couple that with the Pew Research Center study alleging that the population of apartment dwellers is growing by leaps, with a 5 percent increase in the last decade — the highest in 50 years. […]

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Erin Seeds Offers Renters a Better Fit For Their Budget With Apartment Fit

By Joanna England / January 4, 2018 / 0 Comments

As more and more Millennials are priced out of what would be considered typical “starter home” ranges, long-term renting has become customary for an entire generation. But finding a great apartment with everything you want and need — and at a suitable price — is the modern day trial of Job.  That’s part of the […]

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Can You Afford an Apartment? Dallas Rent Growth Slows, But Values Still Exist in the Suburbs

By Joanna England / December 22, 2016 / 0 Comments

There’s a serious shortage of affordable rentals in Dallas, but some data shows that prices are dropping. That’s good news considering that wages, when compared to housing costs, are creating a gap in affordability that is causing a whole swath of renters to become “cost burdened.” “Dallas, specifically, ranks No. 47 when it comes to […]

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Is It A Renter’s Market? Apartment Construction is Booming; Occupancy, Prices are Up

By Joanna England / May 3, 2012 / 0 Comments

Looks like developers are working hard to keep up with demand as new apartment high- and mid-rises are going up across the region.

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