My God, have these people never heard of War of the Roses, that classic Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner movie where the sparring couple lives in the same house because neither wants to give it up in their divorce? My fave scene was when Oliver Rose urinated on the fresh fish his ex Barbara was sauteing for her dinner guests, for the party he was not invited to… and when Barbara serves Oliver pate made from… his dog!


war of the roses

It IS hard to unite a household if you each own homes — what do you do? I once dated a guy who had been married briefly and had his own home with furnishings the ex had picked out. I made it very clear that if we were to get married, we’d be finding an “us” house toute suite and the furniture — HER furniture —  would be on the curb. Needless, that relationship did not survive. Thankfully, my husband and I came from apartments when we moved to Dallas from NYC, so we bought our first home together. (After living at The Hub!) And it would be damn hard to drag me out of my home now —  damn hard. I totally relate to Barbara Rose.

I’ve heard of a couple at a downtown Dallas high rise who divorced, then just got separate smaller units in the same building. Another couple split up a unit they had just spent half a million putting together when they married — both had sold off their previous homes. Another couple had to sell a third home in Utah, they bought a townhome in Dallas and kept the ranch. What if the marriage doesn’t work? What if you end up selling a perfectly wonderful home for a spouse? This ought to be a great show! (more…)

Marisol Nichols plays Heather Cruz in GCB, a tough as nails (and single) Realtor who’s face is on every billbard in town. I thought she was great and loved her signs. So did the real Ebby Halliday, by the way, who I saw yesterday at a pre-birthday celebration. But you may not know I also got to PLAY a Realtor a few weeks ago for a Reality Show “sizzle reel” that is being shopped right now at the networks. I just wanted to play myself, Dirt Blogger, but the producers asked me to portray a Realtor and let me tell you, it was fun! After covering this beat all these years I think I know a thing or two about Realtors and what makes them tick-tock. A special thanks to all the REAL agents who participated in the Sizzle: Doris Jacobs, Ryan Streiff, Teffy Jacobs (she is so beautiful the producers wanted to create a whole ahow around her!), Myla Patton (adorable!), Callan Harrison & Tracy Glesby, who both rival Marisol in beauty, Brian Davis, and Laura Crowl, who came in right off the ranch.

So tell me: what do you think of my performance?