Kristi Davis has managed the Irving/Las Colinas/Coppell office of Ebby Halliday Realtors for the past six years, and now, with her motivation and leadership skills, she’s taking the helm of the Flower Mound/Lewisville office, too.

“Kristi brings extensive sales and management experience, as well as a strong desire to assist our Flower Mound/Lewisville agents in taking their careers to the next level,” said president and CEO Mary Frances Burleson. “The recipient of the 2015 Easterwood Cup Broker/Manager of the Year Award presented by the MetroTex Association of Realtors, Kristi offers a long history of distinguished service to our industry and community.”

Davis is familiar with the area as a Dallas-Fort Worth native and University of North Texas graduate. Her 14-year career in real estate has led her through many realms as both a top-producing agent and now as a manager covering a substantial territory.



You’ve heard about Realocator from us before. It’s the new app that helps buyers connect with Realtors in real time via GPS. It’s like Uber for real estate, and it’s a concept that intrigues us!

If you’ve wanted to see Realocator in action, check out this spot on CW33’s News Fix featuring Vivo Realty Group co-founder David Maez as he demonstrates what his app can do to revolutionize the real estate industry, one showing at a time.

Have you downloaded the iOS app for Realocator yet? What did you think?

Justin & Fredrik 1Justin & Fredrik 2 You recall our ticket give-away to rub shoulders down at the Million Dollar Mixer at Fedora with Fredrik Eklund. We had four tickets, and they were gone in three hours. We even snuck in a fifth after much begging.

So agents Phillip Murrell, Kate Thomason, Susan Williams of Williams Mortgage Group, Justin Williams  of Uptown Capital Title joined real estate broker broker Rustin Smith. They braved what I heard was a cray cray crowd that may have been a bit organizationally challenged shall we say… one of Rustin’s friends, upon seeing the photo, asked if he were partying at a Wax Museum.

But ultimately, the reward was Fredrik and a lot of fun!Fredrik at Fedora Rustin and Fredrik

Candy & FredrikYou know him as that adorable Swedish high-powered, high-kicking real estate broker on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing. Yesterday, Fredrik swooped into Dallas as part of a PR bliz for Plano-based mortgage broker Brian McCauley of the Real Estate Mortgage Network. I sat down with Fredrik at Brian’s office in Plano for a few minutes yesterday before he was swarmed. Have to say I have never met a more charming guy, especially when he takes my card and says, oh yes, I read your blog!

First, a little about Fredrik: he was born in Stockholm, Sweden, is a NYC real estate broker, has been an IT executive and an actor.

He’s been on the cover of the New York Times Style section, and has closed more than two billion in real estate. He came in dressed impeccably in a beautiful grey wool suit and wool tie, a warm Starbuck latte in hand. We compared shoes — both he and Brian were in leather lace-ups, but Fredrik had color on the sole edges, which he pointed out to us. He admired my chartreuse Kate Spades as well as what Brian McCauley was wearing. I was supposed to have 10 minutes, I took 15, and talked fast:

CD: So how would you market a listing in Dallas if, for some reason, you relocated here?

FE: I would do just what I do in New York City — the absolute best photos, stage the home so it looks beautiful, get it as much attention as possible, especially digitally. It’s all about the attention, about getting the listing out there so it sells. You have to lure people in to the listing and that’s why you need all the buzz, the noise. And whatever you do also has to have a stickiness to it.

There are 27,000 brokers in New York City, with 5,000 to 12,000 listings on the market at any given time. What do you do to stick out from the rest?

CD: You get on a TV show?

FE: I get a hundred calls a day from people wanting me to list their homes. Million Dollar Listing airs in 100 countries.

CD: And real estate sales are not just limited to local yokels anymore, are they. OK. Staging, animals or no — I wrote about New Yorkers using live animals in their listings, do you?

FE: I love animals and I love using them in listings, in photographs.

CD: In the videos?

FE: Exactly.

CD: Is the NYC market just going crazy right now?

FE: It’s so busy it’s almost uncomfortable. I have lived through two downturns, I have never seen a market like this. Prices are mad, prices are increasing, low inventory, it’s just insane.

CD: Dallas is pretty crazy too, my experts tell me they have never seen this much frenzy — and our inventory is way low. So what do you think about Dallas?

FE: I was so excited to come here. I watched every single episode of DALLAS, the TV show, my parents and I would watch it in Sweden. We loved it. We never missed one episode.

CD: Do you like the remake?

FE: I haven’t seen it.

CD: Not much time to watch TV, eh?

FE: No, and when I do, I watch Bravo, of course!Fredrik & Candy sitting intv

douchebag collarsOh! I totally forgot to tell you about how these Wall Street big whigs tried to cheat a Realtor in the Hamptons out of a summer rental commission. One even happened to be a lawyer! Few months ago, a real estate broker at Rosehip Partners showed a couple of Wall Streeters around some rental properties, as reported by Curbed Hamptons. One was an attorney with an investment bank, Goldman Sachs I believe, and one was a portfolio manager with a hedge fund. They dangled the phrase “all cash deal” under the broker’s nose, like most big shots do.  The poor broker spent a whole Saturday showing these guys seven rentals, which they apparently liked.

Yes, liked them so much they went behind the broker’s back to cut a deal with him not part of it. One of the Wall Street dudes actually left this note behind on the kitchen counter for the homeowner:

Douchebag note 1

Next, “The agent got a call from a Southampton lawyer who’d had dinner with the owner of one of the rental properties. The owner was very upset after finding a note on the kitchen counter after the showing. The second was shoved under the front door later in the afternoon when the two guys returned by themselves.”

Here’s the note shoved under the door:Douchebag note 2

Don’t you just love that smiley face? Have you ever encountered Real Estate douchebags? Tell us all about it for a new little series we are cooking up, inspired by quite possibly the worst move-out experience I have ever heard. We will call this series “Real Estate Douchebags” — self explanatory.

If you’d rather remain anonymous, and we do not blame you, email us the story and we will post it!

So you might think, home sales are off, Realtors are quitting the business left and right, the real estate gold rush is clearly over over over. So why would anyone open a new real estate brokerage firm in July 2011? One that offers agents 100% of their commission? I don’t know, but I am going to find out. Here are the fearless leaders of the new North Dallas office of United Real Estate, over at Three Lincoln Centre. Oh by the way, the office is gorgeous, loaded with  great food and technology, but it is a bit small —and all OK by United. That’s the new real estate brokerage model: lean and mean. United is part of the largest fully integrated franchise network of real estate and auction professionals in the nation. Tell me been an innovator in RE marketing since 1925. Wowsers, that’s old. United RE supports more than 600 offices acrss the US and internationally, and recognized as a Top 25 Franchise by major media.

OK, so I still want to know: why here, why now, how will this change the tradional real estate broker model???

I just don’t get it! Scott Miller put his house on the market and advertised it on Craig’s List. The media jumped all over it — hate to tell you, old news. I wrote three years ago of a couple who found a home to buy on Craig’s List in North Dallas. They bought the house, gutted it, and it’s already party-ready.

I stopped by Scott’s home last week — just before he and some friends were about to smoke cigars in his “man cave”, pictured here — and he explained his thinking. Scott is a commercial real estate broker who was in Colorado when he ran across this book: “How To Sell Your Home in 5 Days” by Bill Effros. The point: you buzz up the home sale a lot before hand via social marketing and networking and what one might call old fashioned publicity. Then you haul butt to clean it up, show and sell it all within 5 short days. Scott told me last week he wasn’t sure he’d done enough “buzzing” so he wasn’t even sure if he was going to continue with the sale. The point, he told me, was to get at least 25 or 30 people calling you and lined up to bid. He did get some takers, especially when Channel 33 came out and did a story. A guy spending the night at a Dallas hotel (relocating to Dallas) saw the Channel 33 story and bid.

“You’ve got to get it in all the right places in the beginning,” says Scott, who set the asking price at $349,500. DCAD has it appraised at $434,400.

Well, turns out Scott had the sale/auction. 14 people came to tour the house and Sunday he held a round robin phone auction, selling to the highest bidder.

“We called every single person till we got the highest bidder,” says Scott. “They are reviewing the contract with their attorney.”

What was the sales price? Non-disclosed, he says, but —

“Way over asking price. Asking price is just to get people interested.”

If it doesn’t sell this round, Scott says he’ll try again… or maybe call a Realtor.