I have to run out the door, so I am unabashedly plagiarizing from Ebby’s blog. I’ll just tell you this up front. Tonight is the fourth episode of TNT’s new Dallas series,and I love it. So does the rest of the world; the reviews have been fantastic.

And Jo told you that  2504 Beacon Crest Drive in Plano, Paulette Greene’s listing, is the home of the infamous Southfork Ranch in the pilot episode. You know, the one where what’s her name got the cookbook from Anne.

(Note: I do not like the name “Anne”. I like “Ann”.)

Well, another wonderful Dallas home that we have written up, that in fact belongs to some dear friends,  has already made a peep in some scenes. That’s 4130 Cochran Chapel in Bluffview  – listed for sale by Patricia Massey of Dave Perry-Miller & Associates for $6.9 million.

The house is to-die-for, as we told you, and also reduced for sale. Wouldn’t you like to own a home that is regularly sought after by talent scouts? As I may have told you, I think they used Cochran Chapel in “GCB” as well, R.I.P. And they are paying anywhere from $1500 to $3000 PER DAY to shoot at these homes. Seems to me you could cover at least a few mortgage payments with that kind of booty.

Ebby says you can see the home’s debut from the third episode of Dallas here. And this fabulous home will make more cameo appearances in upcoming episodes. 

Now I’m just dang copying: “Curious to see what it takes to film a television show?  Check out the behind the scenes photos of the filming at 4130 Cochran Chapel at the Ebby Halliday Facebook Page.”

Thanks Cody! Want a by-line?


These photos appear to be lifted straight from Paulette Greene’s listing for 2504 Beacon Crest Drive. Should the Dallas Morning News have credited the source?

I was reading an article on DallasNews.com earlier today when I saw one of those teasers on the sidebar that said, “Check out this Plano mega-mansion featured on TNT’s reboot of ‘Dallas’.”

I had to click, of course, if not only because I am infatuated with the new “Dallas” cast, but I wanted to see if they had some cool photos outside of the ones you saw with your own eyes right here on CandysDirt.com.

Well, they were the same ones, folks. I was kind of bummed! I wanted to see new shots, glamorous people, lights, camera, and action! There wasn’t any of that, and you know what else was missing? A link back to the listing, or any type of credit, for that matter.

So, while The Dallas Morning News is capitalizing on the hits that kind of slideshow will bring in, Ebby agent Paulette Greene won’t see any new traffic from it.

What do you think? Should the News have provided a link, or credit at least?