Curb Appeal Issues Impact Development Attractiveness

Curb appeal issues at the Sorano on Rawlins may impact the development’s marketability, says Jon Anderson.

The Sorano, inconveniently built in 2008 on the eve of the real estate bubble, is located at 4111 Rawlins St. in Oaklawn. Looking like it’s been hosed-down in orange buttercream, it’s curb appeal hampers what would have been an appealing development.

Coming online as the recession was gaining steam wasn’t the best of christenings. Originally intended as an owner-occupied development of 17 townhomes, developer Sterling Knight failed to capture buyers’ attention for many reasons. In a recession I saw the prices as being very high for the area (overbuilt?), the interiors tended towards overly Mediterranean with builders’ grade finishes … and well … the buttercream.  Back in the day the buttercream kept me from even walking into an open house.