I read about this Tuesday: why would the city spend $4.6 million to put a hideous pedestrian walkway connecting an empty lot to an auto parts store across the street? Is this what our city geniuses envision for Preston Center?

Robert Wilonsky did some heavy digging on the “bridge to nowhere” for the Dallas Morning News, and says it’s pretty awful. So I went over to take a look for myself late Wednesday afternoon.

He’s right, it’s awful and ugly. Wilonsky says he lives nearby — he lives in Sparkman, near where we used to live on Ainsworth, between Royal Lane and Walnut Hill near Marsh. So I kind of know this area, or what it used to be. Used to drive Harry Hines to take my daughter to gymnastics, and my husband still likes some high cholesterol breakfast place over there we used to frequent during Parkland residency/skinnier days. And once upon a time a Chinese family who were his patients fed us royally at the Happy Family restaurant on Walnut Hill Lane. Happy story — their daughter is now a physician in Houston. The area really hasn’t changed that much, good food, still seedy. This pedestrian walkway bridge is anchored on the east by a dilapidated shopping center where I used to take my typewriter for repairs.

There, that’s aging me! That store is long gone.

In fact, as I drove by today, I thought gee, maybe there’s some Medical District type residential dirt turning going on over here I’m missing.

Across the street from the bridge, south west corner, is a cemetery.

The ugliest part of it is the handicap ramp that zig zags down on either side to be ADA compliant.

IMG_2144Who thought of this thing? Why is it here? (more…)

First of all, I know what you are going to say: lousy picture of the front of 3765 Pallos Verdas Drive. I agree, but honestly, what are you going to do, what in the world do you do when the home has all those gorgeous low-hanging trees swooping down in front? They shade the house. They are part of the attraction. You cannot chop them down. But seriously, is there something you can do photo-wise when you have a home like this so camouflaged by trees? 

The home looks like the same owner since the home was built in 1967. And that’s OK. That is the kind of home I always like to buy to redo. Sure, you are going to resurface every living inch of it but you know it has received tender loving care. It is a happy home. Good karma. You get 3578 square feet, four bedrooms, three full baths and one half bath. Slab — is this the shifting soil area? I think not. The pool was just re-done, re-plastered, which is why it is so sparkling. I am not going to lie, this house needs work. Major work. But it has so much promise!

I spy low ceilings but great moldings. The family room/den has a vaulted ceiling and an over-sized skylight. The large kitchen has updated appliances, a nice work island & huge walk-in pantry. Cover and protect those appliances when you re-surface the cabinets and tear out those red counters — I so bet they are original. There is a lot of light in this house from skylights (breakfast room) and updated windows. I really like the potential for that family room with the fireplace. I mean come on: $350,000. I would love to turn a re modeler lose with this home, and have them tell us what they would do. 

I’ll start: wood floors, white paint in the living room, get rid of the paper in the dining room,  ditch the S&H greenstamps light fixtures, gut the kitchen, new cabinets, new counters, new floors, get rid of the wall stuff in the den and float some smooth walls, not sure if I’d keep the beams.

Would (wood) you?