Realtor Mike Bates is known as the ‘Turn-Around Guy.’ From restoring old homes and automobiles, to making an unsellable home into a top-dollar sale, nothing, it seems, is immune to his magic. He has built his career around selling difficult-to-sell listings. Just recently, Bates took a $3 million home that had been on the market for 255 days. He sold it in six weeks.

What’s his secret?

“It’s a combination of the basics,” he said. “Getting houses light, bright, open, smelling good. And priced well.” Not to mention, Bates pours his personal attention into each sale. “I do. I detail every house.”


614 Tenna Loma Court Front

There are so many people looking for a move in-ready home inside 635, and thanks to a shortage in available inventory, prices are going through the roof. But some economists still warn of “shadow inventory” that could make a mess of residential housing markets as investors bring properties to the market in a blitz of ready-to-sell homes. That could have dire effects on prices and demand.

But on a more local note, let’s talk about the high demand for homes in Oak Cliff. Two years ago, you’d be crazy to price a two-bedroom, two-bath Tudor in West Kessler for $325,000. It would sit on the market for month after month with no bites at all. But now, with our market and inventory as it is, it’s not a reach to see a Tudor like 614 Tenna Loma Court on the market at $325K. Truly, Dave Perry-Miller Realtor Mike Bates knows the price is right.